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Rug Cleaning Toronto
Toronto, ON
May 02, 2021
You guys ruined a beautiful carpet my parents paid $3,000 for 30 years ago can't imagine what it would be worth today.They gave me the rug a year ago you guys cleaned it it came back damaged really bad rip down the side chunks of Crystal stuck in the carpet discoloring and when I tried to contact nobody was even willing to help or come see the damage I sent pictures and it still didn't matter. It didn't even have a spot on it and really didn't even need to be clean but needless to say totally damaged it I'm too ashamed to tell me parents terrible company don't deal with them
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By Jim St. Pierre on May 03, 2021
Thank you for reaching out. Our team cleaned your rug on August 18th, 2020, we are unaware of how or where you stored your rug since then. You can reach out to Jim St Pierre one of our managers to discuss your concerns. He can be reached at 416-538-8669.