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Plumbera Caledon
May 20, 2021
I cannot recommend Plumbera Caledon and their team highly enough.I own a small residential building in Caledon with just two apartments, last year on a friday morning one of my tenants called and said that there was a problem with their water heater, i figured that I knew what was wrong so I went by, removed the problem part, got a replacement and installed it and I was wrong.So, at three in the afternoon on a Friday I had to find a plumber to figure out what was wrong, extra important on when your tenants don't have any hot water right before the weekend, my friend referred me to Plumbera Caledon and I gave them a call. one hour later they showed up at the building, they checked out the problem, agreed with me that it was time for a new heater and left to get one, they were back in less than an hour and the new heater was installed by 7 and the job was professionally done (including a new and properly installed earthquake strap and new shut off valve) and they left the job site perfectly clean, plus, since it's Covid-Time, they wore a proper respirator the entire time they were working.Plumbera Caledon is now my go-to, get-it-done plumbing company!
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