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Plumbera Bolton
Jun 02, 2021
We discovered five different kinds of pipes in our house, all five had bursts in them because of the extent of repairs needed, we decided to just go ahead and repipe the whole darn house and from start to finish Plumbera Bolton was phenomenal. it's been hard to get a hold of any plumber but their crew were remarkably responsive and got back to me when they said they would every time, we did have to wait a little to get on the schedule but it was for a reason I appreciated, while supplies were limited they were trying to help the most people instead of sinking all of their materials into one job. they helped me avoid cutting into wood paneling and built in bookcases that would have been a nightmare to repair by moving a hose bib and when the job was over they were very patient with me when I asked them to give me an overview of where all the lines were located in case I had to trouble shoot anything, also they were so kind in dealing with, It's been about a week since my job was done and now all the lines are fully functional with no issues!
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