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Rug Cleaning Toronto
Toronto, ON
Dec 19, 2021
Very disappointed. My vintage rug came back all dusty as I rolled it out and NO STAINS REMOVED. I called and spoke with "Jim" who tried to explain that they have to be careful with vintage rugs. OK I get that ...but before they picked up I had vacuumed my newly purchased vintage rug. IT CAME BACK WITH SO MUCH DUST PARTICLES THAT 2 DAYS LATER I AM STILL GETTING PARTICULARS (LIKE SOOT) IN MY CLEAN DYSON. I paid $$$ to get cleaned and it came back filthy with particles that I am still vacuuming out. Will never use this company again. IT JUST DOESN'T LOOK CLEAN. I HAVE ASKED FOR PICTURES OF BEFORE AND AFTER THEY CLAIM THEY DO. IT ALMOST FEELS LIKE THEY THREW MY RUG INTO THE DUSTING BIN ROLLED IT UP AND SENT IT BACK TO ME. To add insult to injury I was told to take my rug and put it outside to air out?????
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By Jim St. Pierre on Dec 24, 2021
We have received your review and have asked Jim to reach back out to you to acknowledge and resolve your concerns. At the end of the day we want each client to be happy with the outcome of their rug.