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Rug Cleaning Toronto
Toronto, ON
Dec 19, 2021
Update: The first time around - my rug came back back littered with soot. After reaching out to me a number of times I finally agreed to let the company reclean my vintage rug. It came back clean, fresh and remarkably different than the first go round. The issue is ....should this not have been the case the first time around? But to the company's credit they were persistent in wanting another chance and they came through.
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By Jim St. Pierre on Dec 24, 2021
We have received your review and have asked Jim to reach back out to you to acknowledge and resolve your concerns. At the end of the day we want each client to be happy with the outcome of their rug.
By Jim St. Pierre on Feb 26, 2022
@Jim St. Pierre -- Hi Anne, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your rug!