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Jan 07, 2022
Very poor customer service. I did my best to rectify my situation prior to writing this public review (I have never written a negative review before) but when my persistence was labelled as threatening and communication stopped this was what was left.In April I had my rug cleaned for moths. The guaranteed satisfaction was a factor in deciding to use this company. I was told in addition to cleaning, a moth treatment was necessary to ensure they did not come back. I added this as well. I rid the rest of my house of items that could attract them as advised. I continued to see the odd moth over the summer which increased in the fall. Ultimately by November we realized these were coming from the rug. I called in December to address this.I asked to speak with Kathy who had been helpful previously. When I spoke to her she was lovely and said she would be happy to clean the rug but that I must remove my pets. I told her I had no pets. I asked if the cleaning would be free of charge and she said of course I can do that. She said I should get a 'smoke bomb' to deal with them in the house- I repeated they were only in the rug. She said she would call the next day regarding the pick up time.When she didn't call after 2 days I called back. I was told she was out for the day. 30 min later I received an email from Kathy stating she had done an internal investigation, attached a recorded call from April and stated upper management has determined it will be $75 + tax for the re-clean. I replied frustrated to the complete change of tone and asked about the guaranteed satisfaction (never got a response to this). Knowing they keep recorded calls I asked her to fulfill the prior offer. Her response was short and repeated the fee. I again asked her to explain the change and clean the rug and noted I would post a review. Then she responded "threats will not be tolerated".I am very frustrated and confused with what went on here over. They guarantee satisfaction (though there is no clarification of what that means) and she explicitly told me in a recorded call that the rug would be re-cleaned free of charge. It seems as soon as communication changed to email it was easy to blow me off.
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By Jim St. Pierre on Jan 26, 2022
Thank you for your feedback. Our team did clean your rug over 8 months ago. If there is a moth infestation in the home this is beyond our control. As per your conversation with our route manager Jared he did warn you to observe your home for moths and to treat accordingly.The cost to clean your rug is $128.91 and we did offer to clean it for $75 plus tax to help absorb some of the cost with a free pick up and delivery service.If you change your mind and would like to take us up on the offer please reach back out anytime.Kathy 416-538-8669 or