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Jan 25, 2022
In early 2021, we moved into a home built between 1895 and 1897 that contained many of its original features including its wood windows. I reached out to Paul to discuss a few different projects, window restoration being one of them. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to offer ideas on a number of possibilities, all of which surrounded our goal of restoring of the windows to full working capacity while adding some ease of use elements such as allowing year-round installation of the storm windows through installing hangers and stays, as well as installing invisible balances for our interior windows to permit easy opening/closing in place of the old "window sticks" used. We formalized our contract in April.We experienced start delays owing completely to the pandemic, but once Paul and Adam started in early September of 2021 they were always on time and worked from minute one until the end of the day to accomplish the goals they set out. The workmanship on the windows was excellent and while onsite they helped free up some transom windows and level/adjust many of the interior doors that had closing difficulties.Paul and Adam restored 21 windows and 21 storms along with 4 transoms and a number of doors in a two week span. The efficiency and consistent effort with no minutes wasted onsite were greatly appreciated. During the closing days of the work, Paul also noticed some elements of our roof corbels were missing and managed to have replacement reproduction parts made and colour-matched which he returned to install within a month of completing the windows (on a rainy day no less!) I recommend Paul unreservedly.
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By Paul Denys on Feb 15, 2022
DominicThanks for the great review. Adam and I really enjoyed reviving your old windows. It was a pleasure to make them function better than the day they were installed. There is something special about restoring old handmade windows. It is like the house becomes alive again. I hope they give you continued pleasure for years to come.Paul