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Love Your Shoes
Etobicoke, ON
Sep 11, 2022
Happy to report that I great experience with Love Your Shoes. I have an old sports injury that makes me attached to any shoes I've found that I can walk around in with a little less pain. Unfortunately, my favourite New Balance sneakers had a defect whereby the lining around the opening to the shoe split open and slowly shredded over time. These are a rare pair of NB and are no longer being made, so I was happy to find a shoe repair team who could fix suede-and-fabric sneakers. It did take a follow-up to my original email (via the website) to make contact, but once I did, I received a quick quote and everything from there was happy days! Conveniently, I was also able to drop-off and pick up my shoes at Advance Road in person on weekends (I work M-F) and everyone was lovely to deal with. They were able to fix my beloved running shoes and even completed the job ahead of schedule. I'll definitely take things in need of repair to Love Your Shoes again, and sincerely recommend them.
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