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Craft Bilt Materials Ltd - Sunrooms
Ajax, ON
Nov 07, 2022
We bought your 3 season vista sunroom from the leisure store and we had to build it ourselves because the installer backed off after being told that he would be available. We did the best that we could with your instructions on youtube. Honestly if i would start again i would purchase a sunscape room since the end finish is nicer. Anyways the service after sale is non existant from your sales person in Ottawa. We received the parts and everything was well packaged. We open some of the packages and parts were damaged. We contacted our sales person and he had told us that if upon receiving it from a 3 rd party and if the packaging was not damaged just accept it. We found 3 parts that were damaged. So to make a story short after spending 42 k everything is our fault. You are basicelly on your own once they get their money. I hope that your busisness will survive because right now the service after sales is non existant. The room comes with lots of silicone tubes but no clear instructions where to apply. Like all companies since we got it by covid they is no service after sales. We had to install the defective parts because of timline. Please wait a couple of years before investing because right now its all about money
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By Craft Bilt on Nov 14, 2022
Hi PaulSorry about your experience. You refer to Leisure Store as our sales person but our customers are independent contractors. We have no knowledge who they sell to. We would certainly help our customer (Leisure) with any issues, failing that, we would deal with you directly. If there is any outstanding issue please contact Lisa at 800-668-6430 ext 25. Take Care :-)