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Love Your Leather Toronto
Etobicoke, ON
Feb 18, 2023
I took my sheepskin coat to Love Your Leather to have it shortened about 5 inches. There was a beautiful ornate design at the hem line (about 2" square). I thought I was going to lose it, but the tailor said she could save it. The coat was delivered today and it is perfect. Many thanks to the tailor who worked on my coat: she did an awesome job. Although I phoned the store today to give my compliments to the tailor on the fantastic work she did on my sheepskin coat, I wanted to write a review for others to see.Another comment I would like to make is regard-ng the delivery of my coat. I had taken the coat out to Love Your Leather in a very large white plastic bag. I asked if she could please return the plastic bag since I will use it for a coat that I put in storage every Spring. When my coat arrived, the coat was encased in clear plastic bag and was on a hanger inside a beautiful garment bag. The white bag was in the bottom and so was the leather from the sheepskin coat that was cut off during the alteration. Thank you, thank you, Love Your Leather, and a very special thank you to the tailor who did a masterful job on my sheepskin coat.
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