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Ottawa, ON
Jan 12, 2024
We own an older custom built home that has had many upgrades over theyears, and a year ago we experienced water infiltration in a couple ofareas. We contacted several contractors who willingly provided quotes torepair visual damage, but no mention of fixing the root of the problem.finally discovered Denys Builds Designs & Renovations and Paul came toinspect and advise. He was the first to assure me that the source had to befound before doing any other repairs and that would not be possible duringthe winter months, but that he would return in the spring to advise &proceed further.In the meantime I advised him of a problem with our Kitchen fan andinquired if he could repair it. He readily accepted this challenge and soonhad it working properly including a new vent cap.After listening to him discuss our water filtration problem and watching himrepair our kitchen fan I knew that he was the best contractor for our needs,and agreed to have him return in the Spring. Finding the root of ourproblem was not easy, but his perseverance ultimately paid off and wewere able to solve our problem.Paul is an excellent example of exactly what I look for in a contractor - lotsof experience to draw on to help solve problems, excellent communicationskills to keep clients informed of what is happening or needed, and adedication to his commitments.We are maintaining his contact numbers for any future work that we mayrequire and are happy to recommend his services to anyone else needing agood contractor.Bill Bratt
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By Paul Denys on Jan 13, 2024
Thank you, Bill, for recognizing my dedication and expertise at Denys Builds Designs Renovations. We appreciate your recommendation!