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Wynn Fitness Meadowvale
Mississauga, ON
Feb 23, 2024
I'm deeply disappointed in the declining quality and management of this gym. Staffing issues persist, with either an excessive number not fulfilling duties or a complete absence when needed. Cleaners consistently overlook restocking essentials, compromising hygiene.Equipment maintenance is lacking, risking user safety. Gym cleanliness has significantly deteriorated. Management seems non-existent, with premature gym light shutdowns and booking difficulties.Cardio machines' speed rates are inaccurate, a few machines do not actually work and need to be reset and various equipment, including ellipticals and bikes, remains either out of service or make strange noises. The arm curler display count is non-functional. The sanitizer bottle spray handles are broken or loose causing it to leak all over the place often. It seems there is a lack of ownership and care with the employee here which was evident on February 22nd, when three paper towel dispensers in the cardio section were empty. Despite staff presence (3 plus a trainer), I personally addressed the issue at 6:50 pm to the short East Indian gentleman and his response was he would send an email instead of fixing the issue at hand. He also walked by someone's lost key on the floor which I picked up and handed it to him. The most disappointing thing is that even after ONE HOUR and 30 Minutes no one fixed this issue, by the time I left the gym at 8:20pm it was still not replenished and other clients were also disappointed. Considering these issues, I'm 100% contemplating switching gyms and I'm pretty sure I am not the only one. This, coupled with the lack of timely resolution and other clients expressing disappointment, paints a bleak picture. Immediate corrective action is imperative to salvage the gym's reputation.
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