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By Sean F on May 11, 2018
This was the first time we have had our house duct work and furnace cleaned since the purchase of our house and we weren't sure what to expect. We had made a bunch of calls and got pricing ideas and also details of what the work would entail. After talking with Jeff, he made us feel sure we were getting the best bang for our buck!. He was straight up with what it was going to cost and time to get it done was right on the money. He was very thorough when he arrived showing us what he was going to do and the reason for it. We definitely have no complaints with the workmanship we got and for the price he did it for. If you are needing your ventilation system cleaned and serviced in your house or business you must GO GREEN!!!
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By dlazzer101 on Feb 22, 2018
Great peoples, Great services from peoples that care about you and your family..Family business that take pride in what they do and how they do it...
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By GreenD on Nov 23, 2017
I would like to say I wasn't sure what was going to be performed for the duct cleaning because I was not choosing the traditional way with the truck that normally arrives at your house. The Go Green Team was friendly, knowledgeable and very comprehensive with every attention to detail. I have had the duct work cleaned previously from other companies but no one has provided the service level where they removed and meticulously wash and clean each cold air return, hot air-vent, bathroom fan covers, the fan area as well and reinstall all covers. You could definitely hear the items moving in the duct work as the cleaning process took place. They extensively cleaned the furnace completely inside in like new condition once completed and detail to any possible internal components that may need attention for example replacing the flame sensor. The Team also cleans the dryer for any lint and assures the airflow is proper after the process. Once the entire duct cleaning is completed it is followed up with an Organic sanitization and deodorized and installed a new furnace filter upon completion. Regarding the cost of the duct cleaning service from Team Go Green there is a lot of value for your green dollar.
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By rickshelly1960 on Aug 12, 2017
First off it's impressive when three generations show up to work together!Everyone was very polite and congenial which was a bonus :D The job they did was thorough and included cleaning our floor vents, dryer ducts and central vac.The air flow from our floor ducts was noticeably improved as was the flow through the fresh air vents. Our central vacuum had improved suction as well. Being in the midst of major repairs in our home, including the installation of a new furnace, the removal of drywall dust from our ducts and the CV was wonderful. We appreciated their patience with the chaos they had to work in here! Even without the filters we had in each duct to help eliminate allergens, we have seen less dust accumulating than prior to the ducts being cleaned. In checking the furnace filter 5 days after the cleaning, it still required vacuuming to remove pet hair, but the filter wasn't filthy as it had previously been even with me vacuuming it twice weekly. The only thing that prevents me from giving Go Green 5 stars was the price being higher than was originally quoted, but I am assuming this was due to access holes needing to be created in our ductwork in order to do the job. Additionally our upstairs toilet was used as a ladder at one point. The cracking sound it made under the weight of an adult male standing on it about gave me a heart attack. Especially being as our current reconstruction is due to flooding.Aside from the last two mentions, I would recommend Go Green to others and would hire them for future furnace and duct cleaning here.
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By RobN on Feb 25, 2017
For too many years I procrastinated getting my heating system cleaned - partly because I didn't know who to go with. My online search led me to Go Green. I appreciated working with Jeff and his team. They arrived when promised; communicated thoroughly; opened up the furnace to explain what they were going to do; were careful and clean; used specialized equipment and thoughtful processes in executing their work; invoiced as per their quote. When there was a bit of follow up work that needed attention, they came back to rectify the situation, for which we were also appreciative. Jeff is a pleasure to do business with and I definitely recommend Go Green for furnace and duct cleaning. Well done, guys!
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By Sash on Nov 28, 2014
Jeff and Dave came to my home and you can tell they care about your health even after they cleaned it they double checked to make sure everything was perfect,I can breath so much better in my home and my sleeping has improved breathing in that fresh clean air, I'll be calling you guys from now on, I highly recommend these guys
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By cyndyb1 on Jun 13, 2012
It is amazing to me that in just 3 short hours they cleaned up the mess that was my furnace, air conditioner, dryer vent, central vacuum, bathroom vents and so much more! The price was very reasonable for all the work they did. I will recommend this company to all my friends.
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By chrsut on Nov 03, 2011
We recently purchased an older home that had never had the furnace/gas fireplace/ducts cleaned before. The guys were very friendly and curtious. Jeff was very informative, explained how and what they were doing and showed the before and afters of their work. Prices are great and your business is appreciated. Will definately use them in the future and will recomment to family and friends without hessitation.
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By tchess on Oct 19, 2011
Jeff and Dave went above and beyond the call of duty. Very informative, thorough and professional. My husband came home from work and instantly noticed a difference to the air quality of our home. Came highly recommended and my husband & I will do the same. Thanks very much!
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By Paulm on Oct 13, 2011
We had our furnace, ducts and carpets cleaned by Jeff at GoGreen. They were punctual, very professional and informative. They not only told us how dirty everything was but showed us! They came by twice once for the furnace and ducts and another for the carpets. both times they came on time,and did not rush the job. We Highly recommend and will definitely be calling them again.
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By adamstachele on Jul 22, 2011
When moving into our new home we knew we'd have a lot of deep cleaning to do as the previous owner had a cat and I'm deathly allergic to cats. Given that our house has central heat, AC, and vac, there was a lot that needed to be cleaned to remove the dander and cat fur.We contacted Jeff and we're glad we did. He and his team were prompt, they explained everything they were doing, and even made recommendations on how to maintain our ventilation system going forward. Towards the end of their service visit, we had noticed that the overhead lights in our main bathroom stopped working. Even though this had nothing to do with what Jeff and his team had done during their cleaning, Jeff followed up after the visit to provide some suggestions and make sure that it definitely wasn't the result of their work, as he stands by his work. It turned out to be a tripped GFCI in the adjoining bedroom's bathroom.I'd recommend Go Green in a heartbeat to anyone that needs furnace and duct cleaning, or any of the other services they provide.Adam
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By tbaudais on Jun 16, 2011
Go Green Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services did an excellent job. Jeff and Dave conducted themselves in a very professional and efficient manner. They were very knowledgeable about heating and cooling systems. They explained exactly what work they were performing and there were no surprises at the end. The rates were very reasonable and I now have a peace of mind that our heating/cooling system will perform efficiently in the future. Go Green exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend their services.Tanner BaudaisWarman, Saskatchewan
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By shawnsmit on Mar 16, 2011
Thank you for your excellent and professional service.
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By jwrosenthal on Mar 08, 2011
Jeff and his father came into our home today, not only did they clean our ducts but gave me a good feeling knowing that the air we will be breathing (the air that our children will be breathing) will be much better for us and our childrens health. Not only did Jeff and Dave arrive on time, they were friendly and unbelievably knowledgable. Jeff not only explained everything to me he also showed me what he was removing and what had been circulating in our air. Go Green went above and beyond mine and my husbands expectations. We are looking forward to a long business relationship with them as I will be using Go Green from now on. We highly reccomend GO GREEN
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By Caila on Feb 04, 2011
Extremely happy with the service and knowledge of Go Green. Jeff and Dave did an amazing job. We have done alot of renovations to our house and the amount of drywall dust in our ducts and furnace was to the point we were not getting much air flow. Since Go Green has been here we have noticed an immediate improvement in our air quality. Also loved the fact that they use "green" products and didn't need to worry about my son having to smell harmful chemicals. Thanks again and we will be recommending Go Green to everyone we know.
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By JustNatasha on Jan 28, 2011
We had Jeff and his dad clean our ducts a year and a half ago. They did a great job - very polite and knowledgeable. Since then, we have bought a new furnace, done renovations (including drywall) and adopted a dog so we've created alot of dust in our home. We chose to bring Jeff and his dad back in for the same reasons that we originally chose them - friendly, professional, reasonably priced and they use eco-friendly, health-conscious products. We were particularly impressed with the plant-based cleaners they use. We will definitely be hiring Go Green again when it's time for the next cleaning.
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By Joleneisaac on Nov 11, 2010
Go Green came to clean our 3 year old house that we have lived in for about two months. It had never been done. Builders should be held accountable for cleaning all the dust and debris when a house is feshly built! The amount of dust build up was disgusting. Thank goodness Jeff and Dave came to clean it up for us. They removed all the registers and vents, sanitized them and replaced them when finished. They were done within about 3 hours. Very professional and very informative and very reasonalbly priced. We are waking up less stuffy and my daughter who uses an inhaler has felt better. Thanks GO GREEN! From the Isaacs
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