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By:Shannon Brown

I had been having a really rough time with Math 20-1 and as hesitant to have a tutor again but now I only regret that I didn't try it out sooner. My tutor, Becky, created a very healthy and happy learning environment and erased any type of worry or anxiety I had before. My marks steadily went up right away and I will for sure look into Mobile Tutors again for my grade 12 math classes next year!! Thank you!



My son had a huge problem with Math, he was failing. Thank God for Mobile Tutors they found an excellent tutor for him. Pedro helped my son not only with his lessons but made him believe in his ability excel in Math.


By:deb severin

We are very happy with the work Neil has done. He understands how our son learns and has helped him get through his course. If we did not have Neil's help I'm sure our son would not have passed his course.
This is the second time we have used this service and have always been extremely happy.
Deb Severin


My daughter is being tutored by Neil. Her grades are not taking a huge jump but she is understanding math more easily now. Neil seems to be patient and will work as long as possible on a concept. He also shows interest in her day to day life making the time a little more personable. This is the second time Avery has had Neil. She is comfortable with him being her tutor and she is learning, that's what is important to me. Avery just wishes she is able to use her calculator a bit more as she is always able to use it in class.


By:Domenic Di Curzio

Our son was a good student in junior high school science (averages in the 80's), but we wanted to have him be more engaged as he started his high school sciences in grade 10 (his science 10 teacher informed the class at the start of the year that most students will have a 10-15% drop in their grades as they transition to high school science from junior high). As parents, we wanted to ensure he would be capable of understanding the concepts essential to a successful grade 10 high school science course and leading on to the challenges ahead in grade 11 and 12. With that in mind, we were looking for a tutoring service that provided him with the confidence he would need to tackle the high school science curriculum and provide him with a mentor that he could use to reinforce and supplement what he learned in the classroom setting. After some researching, we decided to go with Mobile Tutors and without a doubt it was a great decision based on the excellent tutoring provided by Neil (his tutor). Our son was fully engaged with Neil during his weekly tutoring sessions and looked forward to challenging himself to science 10 and learning the concepts that would reflect positively on his grades (he has maintained marks in the 80's for most of the term). What impressed us and our son was that Neil was always well prepared for the 1 & 1/2 hour sessions and customized the sessions to our son's needs (teaching concepts that will be further explored in grade 11 and 12). Neil's knowledge base in science was encompassing enough for our son to comment "he's smarter than my science teacher!" We would highly recommend Mobile Tutors for parents looking to provide additional confidence in mastering high school science.



Adam tutored both my daughters one in Math 10-C and the other in Physics 30. He was an exceptional tutor, always well prepared for the sessions. He provided both my daughters with many opportunities to understand the material beyond just the textbook calculations. As a results their marks improved significantly in the high 90's. once my daughter started working with Adam on her Math she achieved 100% on two of her unit tests.
Adam is an outstanding tutor and I would recommend him to all parents who want extra support for their children.



Our experience with Lucas of Mobile Tutors was wonderful. He was knowledgeable, helpful and approachable as well as willing to accommodate our busy schedule. My daughter's English 30 mark noticeably improved. I would recommend him to anyone.



Teresa is a great tutor who is very thorough in her teaching to my daughter. She is engaging and explains the required lesson well in order for my daughter to fully understand. She is very knowledgeable about the subjects that she tutored and gives suggestions for problems sets to help her student understand the concept. In addition, she provides follow-up notes to the parent of their child's progress after each lesson. She is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her from Mobile Tutors.


By:Lynette Brault

Since the day Marc first started tutoring my daughters, he has always been very professional and punctual. He is very open to working around my girls sports schedule and he is prompt in returning texts. He is so very knowledgeable in math and so very patient at explaining the concepts to them. He has been coming for a month and what an improvement in my daughters confidence towards math! Their marks are improving and he is an absolute lifesaver! Thanks so much Marc for being a part of our girls academic life. A true life saver!


We're pleased with our experience with Mobile Tutors. The tutors are professional, approachable, and capable. They also serve as role models and mentors. We started weekly sessions in junior high and are hopeful this will assist in having the confidence to pursue future goals and interests. Would recommend!



My daughter just recently started working with Mark for help in her Math 10-C course and we are extremely happy with Mobile Tutors and Mark! Mark is on time, professional, is extremely knowledgeable of this math curriculum and very good at explaining concepts. Mark is flexible and offered to change the day of one of her sessions to accommodate for an upcoming unit exam. He is also available by email if Taylor has a question regarding a homework assignment. I would highly recommend Mark and Mobile Tutors!


By:Jillian Penate

We started using Mobile Tutors in October of 2016. While we got off to a rocky start, we are very happy with the tutor our daughter has been working with. We were looking for a Spanish tutor for our then 2.5 year old daughter. Her father speaks Spanish with her, while I speak English with her. Because I stay home with her full time, we were looking for something to boost her exposure to learning Spanish prior to attending Spanish playschool when she turned 3.

The first 3 tutors who we were originally put in contact with, were very disappointing and honestly could no speak Spanish at a level that we felt comfortable having our daughter learn. They were not native speakers, but people who had taken a few Spanish classes. One had the suggestion that she could use youtube to work with our daughter to learn the language, which obviously was not what we were looking for when we reached out to Mobile Tutors.

That being said, we were very clear with Richard as to what we were looking for in a tutor and he found us the perfect match. Our daughter has been working with Vanessa since November 2016 on a weekly basis, and we are overjoyed with the progress. Miss Vanessa is a teacher from Spain, so not only can she speak excellent Spanish but she has the teaching ability to work appropriately with our daughter. My daughter is very shy, however she loves her time with Miss Vanessa. She often asks when she will see her again! While my daughter now attends a Spanish preschool program, we have continued her lessons with Miss Vanessa as we see her as a huge asset in helping my daughter one on one.

We honestly, could not be happier with the service that we has been provided as well as the relationship that has formed with my daughter and Miss Vanessa. The experience has been extremely positive, and hearing my daughter speak more and more Spanish on a daily basis is a result that the tutoring is working!



They got some best teachers, specially for English and chemistry. I strongly recommend you guys to try this out. Trust me, you won't regret it.


By:Dolapo Oladele

Marissa has been doing a great job tutoring our daughter for the last 2 years! We really value her expertise and patience when she teaches our daughter. She has been very instrumental in showing our daughter useful techniques for solving grade 4 math problems and strategies for writing & language arts. Marissa comes prepared and provides lots of materials and resources for the tutoring session and also gives homework.



My daughter had Mark as her tutor for Physics 20 and he was awesome!!!! At one point my daughter was going to quit the course as she felt there was no way she would ever get through it with a passing grad. Mark was able to to teach her the concepts in a way she understood and as of yesterday she received the highest mark she had all semester which was on the final. Thank you Mark she couldn't have done it without you!



My four daughters are all in high school and we have been using Mobile Tutors for 2 years now and I don't know where we'd be without them! Aziz and Shaun are both very professional, accommodating and great teachers. I appreciate that they come to our home for the sessions as the girls already spend so much time running from school to sports to music lessons and work! Their tutoring sessions give them the knowledge and confidence to achieve the competitive grades needed to be accepted to post secondary school. In turn, that gives me great peace of mind!
Thank you Mobile Tutors!



Our experience with Mobile Tutors has been fantastic. My daughter was having difficulty with a few subjects, and a tutor was chosen specifically based on those needs and criteria. Marc has been incredible at explaining the subjects in such a way that my daughter can comprehend much more easily and thoroughly. She has already shown improvement after only a few sessions. He is also very accommodating and does his best to meet time/location adjustments. Administration is quick and painless as well. I recommend Mobile Tutors highly.


By:Mitzi Lawrence

The experience that we had with mobile tutors was fantastic! When we contacted them, they were able to get my daughter set up with a physics tutor right away, and they have their first session within 24hours! Marc W is her physics tutor; and he is AWESOME!! She is completely comfortable with him, and he is able to explain things to her in a way that she understands! I would definitely recommend this company for tutoring, and I would Strongly recommend Marc!
This whole process was a great experience, and I loved that Marc was so flexible in his scheduling! It was great that he drove in to Fort Sask from Edmonton!!
This is a company that truly cares about the kids that they are helping, and want to see each child achieve their goals!


Raeanna started working with my daughter Ella in Grade 2 as her French tutor. She was struggling in the French Immersion program and somehow Raeanna made "dictee" fun and not a battle like it was with me. When we made the decision to pull Ella from the program in Grade 3, Raeanna stayed with us. They had built such a wonderful relationship that we didn't want to stop seeing her once a week.

Now in Grade 5, she helps Ella with her English reading & math and has helped her study for Science tests. Last night she helped with a Social Studies project and Ella was beaming with pride when they were done! Raeanna is VERY patient and caring. As Ella gets frustrated easily, Raeanna always finds new & different ways to explain/show things to her that she doesn't understand. She is a great teacher and friend to Ella. I highly recommend her.


I have used two different tutors for university level courses and I couldn't be happier with my results. The tutors were extremely knowledgable and helped me get fantastic grades. I will continue to use Mobile Tutors and highly recommend them.



My daughter has found Shaun's help invaluable. Biology concepts were made simple by Shaun's personable approach to both explaining and illustrating using relatable and practical examples and analogies.



Shaun was able to take the academic principles of Chemistry and bring a practical application to understanding the concepts.
My daughter really enjoyed her tutoring time with Shaun.



Tutors were of highest standard and the processes; registration through to completion was handled in a highly organized and timely manner. Would highly recommend this company for tutors services



We have been using mobile tutors for over a year now and my son loves it. The instructors are really friendly and for us we always need to change our time due to basketball, they are very well at accommodating that for us.
I highly recommend mobile tutors.

Mobile Tutors 9.8 out of 10 based on 27 user reviews.

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