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I was in a few weeks ago and got a ten gallon tank and all the products with the help of a girl up front named Shelby. She was very helpful with all I needed. Sadly my fish died and I was pretty emotional and I knew to bring back the fish and the lady in the back named Heather helped me. She told me all the things I needed and understood what I was going through and felt the pain I was in. Then she helped me get all I needed to get my tank back up and going and she also helped me get my cute goldfish back in my tank. I'm so thankful I had her help on top of Shelby.


We bought a 150 gallon fish tank at Big Al's and they delivered! It would have been easy for them to deliver at the garage and walk away, but in order to save us further trouble they helped us move it to the basement. The delivery happened after the store closed late in the night and the aqaurium and the stands were delivered without a scratch to the newly renovated basement. We have found our pet store and we plan on keeping it as favorite for a long time.

By:Fish lovers of Milton
Big Al's Brampton 10 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.