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By:Bridget D

It is a scary feeling being involved in a workplace accident and unable to work. To make matters worse, my employer refused to pay my claim against the work-related accident claim I filed. More so they did not take me back on the job once I was physically able. Going to Diamond and Diamond was the best decision I took lately. I settled my case and got all the expenses and was compensated. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Corey Sax as my lawyer.



By:Adam G

Last year my father was in a Motor Vehicle Accident. His injuries were somewhat severe, not to mention his car was completely damaged. He was finding it very hard to get compensation through his insurance agent. He then approached Diamond and Diamond with all his documents. I was with him through this and was amazed the way the firm’s people took care of my father's grievances. After being harassed by the insurance company for months on end, the wait ended finally and he got compensation. I would like to mention the knowledge and wonderful way of handling customers by Sandra and the rest of the team. I wish the best to all these professional bunch of legal experts of accident claims




I have been going through a rough patch of life after a serious motorcycle accident. My friend suggested Diamond and Diamond to get my claim issues settled. I am highly indebted to Sandra Zisckind and Jeremy Diamond for taking care of the settlement and guiding me through the worst phase of life. I couldn’t have handled this otherwise. Thanks again!




I contacted Diamond and Diamond after a slip and fall accident on a commercial property. After meeting with Jeremy and Sandra, who were very comforting, they walked me through step by step of what is going to happen. While, for the most part the process was fairly smooth, there were a few hiccups where it would take a day or two to get a response. Overall, very happy with the end result and would recommend.



By:Ms. L

I am very grateful and content with the way my dog bite claim against my neighbor was handled by Isaac Zisckind of Diamond and Diamond. While the process took some time, I am very happy with the result. My own efforts were minimal but the results were great. Highly appreciable attitude of the staff at Diamond and Diamond!


Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers Hamilton 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 user reviews.