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By:Carl J

A friend of mine recommended Diamond & Diamond after my awful motorcycle accident on my way to work. I called them at home since I was unable to drive. A lawyer from the firm, Kevin Butler, immediately visited me at home and helped me prepare all the necessary documentation for the claim. While the settlement process with the insurance company dragged on, I was happy to have a lawyer by my side who was compassionate and willing to go the extra mile.



By:Monica Louise

Though it was a long time ago, it was a bad day from the very beginning. I was running late for an appointment and while on the highway I was involved in rear-end collision accident (not my fault). Not only was my car damaged, I felt sharp pains in my neck. That's when my friend told me to call Diamond & Diamond. I felt assured when Kevin Butler came over to my place and prepared the documents to be given to police and the insurance firm. I am highly satisfied with the timely and efficient services. I thank the entire team at Diamond and Diamond and especially appreciate efforts of Kevin Butler.




The settlement process with the insurance company was both long and arduous. While Diamond & Diamond was there each step of the way, receiving funds (from start to finish) took longer than I anticipated (which was difficult given the nature of my injury).



By:Frank F

Getting one's vehicle and body damaged in a distracted driving accident is possibly the worst thing to happen to a driver. It is very difficult dealing with physical injuries as well as fighting with your insurance company. I was very lucky to have contacted Diamond & Diamond, receiving timely professional advice to aid in my settlement. They were knowledgeable and extremely responsive, walking me through each step of the process. While I have only partially recovered from the injuries, I did receive generous compensation from the insurance company. Thanks Jeremy, Sandra, Isaac and the rest of the team that have assisted in my case.



By:Raj B.

Unfortunately, a simple slip and fall accident resulted in hospitalization and long-term back injuries. But getting Kevin Butler as my personal injury lawyer was indeed a blessing that paid me with peace of mind and proper settlement. Thanks for the great work!



By:Kyle Welton

Sandra Zisckind was very friendly, knowledgeable and tactful. She explained the insurance claim process and what’s required to receive proper compensation. I am glad that I found Diamond and Diamond after my devastating injury.



By:Jason F

Early last year my car was hit by an impaired driver when I was on a visit to my client's office. The insurance company, which I thought was on my side, was being very difficult to deal with. Then I contacted Diamond & Diamond as I was fairly confident that more could be done. I discussed the situation with Sandra Zisckind and I immediately knew that she was the right lawyer for my case. She was knowledgeable, understanding and helped fight the insurance company on my behalf. I was extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks Sandra!




The Diamond & Diamond team were very responsive while handling my car accident claim. They treat me like family and worked with me each step of the way.

After being involved in the accident, I contacted Jeremy Diamond from the ads, and he came to visit for a consult at my home within a few hours. He walked me through the process and immediately started with my claim.

The entire staff of Diamond and Diamond treats you like family. I say this because I did not expect the courteous, friendly and prompt service they gave me. The value of their business is very high and I recommend their firm to anyone who has been unfortunately injured.


Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers Ottawa 9.4 out of 10 based on 8 user reviews.
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