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Thank you Investigation Hotline for your willingness to share your expertise with our students. We appreciate your swift and professional response to their questions. You definitely opened their eyes to another possible career choice.





I was very impressed with the quick response to my request for a Private Investigator. The person who responded to my email request called me within a few hours, was professional and knew exactly what to ask for my particular situation. I was able to make a deposit for their services and he assured me they would be available for me day & night and that I could call anytime with my concerns. They told me what to do for my particular situation and how to gather information safely and handle myself if any concerning situation should continue ...excellent knowledge and service!!




It was my aunt who initiated this investigation with the help of Mr.Mitchel . The investigation was to find out if a person by the name Bertilan Brino Fernando was convicted of any university fraud cheque on behalf of me and was put in jail for not making the full payment of the cheque after taken on bail. Mr.Mitchell along with his four other colleagues took the effort in finding the where about of Brino and the personal information of Mr.John under whom Brino was living. The team was successful in gaining access to some of John revenue files , for which we are thankful, but what was asked was, to gather information about Brino's where about if he was not in prison. Adhering to our needs, the team on various occasions had knocked at the door , but no one appeared. This happened on three different occasions. These sessions were taking place at a course of 3 weeks, with occasional reminders from my aunt. Not having received any qualitative information requested, both me and my aunt become impatient and even thought of discontinuing the team's service . Hence it was for my sake that this investigation was running through, Mr.Mitchel had requested to have a personal chat in regards to the status of the investigation. Co-incidentally that became the turning point of the story. I thanked for all the efforts taken so far in eliciting some of the information and kindly requested for detailed information about Brino. Mr.Mitchel said he would try one last time for the sake of me and both me and my aunt agreed. Today after the call with Mitchell i received a warning email from Brino saying, that amidst the warning he had given previously, 2 investigators had dropped in. He also said he would file a complaint against my aunt who he think has sent the investigators. He asked me to reply if it wasnt her work. At first i got a little tensed and decided to call off the investigation thinking my aunt would be in danger and requested Mitchell to send in all what they had gathered. But when i saw the footage of the investigator talking to Brino, that shook me right through. I finally got what i requested. People say seeing is always believing, i finally concluded that i was extortioned left right and center. Therefore i thank Mr.Mitchell and his team for the job well done. Thank you





You keep saying I've never met a personality like you. I know that to be true already. Thank you for I believe i am in good hands.

It seems as though you are almost scientific, peering and probing into all corners of a matter. Nothing is free from your scrutiny and you will go to any length to find out the truth. A tireless seeker, you find out what is wrong and try to correct it. Your basic underlying drive is to get to the bottom of things... merciless when seeking answers. Logical and with an open speculative mind - you seek out the best way to accomplish something and find and ultimately value human considerations over your own ego.

thanks for your work, your support and compassion, Susan




Thank you so very very much for finding my friend for me. You kept in touch well, most of the time telling me what was happening and how you were doing in the investigation. Eventually, with only a name to go, amazing, you found him. Thank you so much for your work. I would recommend you to anyone who has a difficult situation. What is more when you did find him your were incredibly discreet. Thank you, thank you.

All the best to you


Investigation Hotline Inc Mississauga 10 out of 10 based on 5 user reviews.