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Thanks David. And again, thank you for your help with my case. Appreciate it.




Thank you David and Brandi,
Many thanks to you both. I certainly will recommend you r firm by word of mount. You folks are worth the investment. I shall tell all my friends, family and customers!!!!
Thank you once again,




This is great news! Thank you and your team for helping me resolving this case.

Thank you for all your help! greatly appreciated



By:J and T

Thank you Xcoppers. Even if the case did not go in our favor I saw that you went above and beyond to help us out.
I will gladly recommend you to family and friends.

J and T



Awesome news. Thanks so much for your help. Hope we don't need your services again for a while. Take care




Hi Brandy, I have finally gotten my certificate for mikes driving school and I'm happy to say I've learned a lot from this course, and also from this entire experience. I'd also like to give the biggest thanks i possibly can to you and my representative for court, and all of X-copper in its entirety. You guys saved my independence, my family's independence, and have covered me when I thought that I was cooked for the next 5 years. On behalf of myself and my entire family, we'd like to thank you for your services, and also wish all of you at X-Copper a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks so much Brandy!




Thank you so much David for all of your efforts with my case. I'm so pleased with everything and I so appreciate everything you did for me. You're a credit to your profession and I count myself fortunate to have had you working on my behalf. I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone I know who may be in need of your services. Take care and best wishes to you and everyone at X-Copper!


By:Jim F

Thank you Brandy for your professional services. Please give our thanks to Scott too! He was awesome! I had no idea a firm like yours could be so professional, but I know now! I will spread the word around that X Copper is the best. My wife was so impressed by Scott at court! You are pros!

Thanks again!

Jim F


By:Ayela R

I had to write you right away as I owe you a HUGE Thank You!!!! When I first got into my accident I called both x-coppers and Pointts to get advise and I'll be honest with you.... Pointts was both rude and very unhelpful! They went on and on about how serious my charges were and that I should "absolutely use their services because I wouldnt be able to do this alone."When I called and spoke to you, you were the complete opposite!! You were polite, honest and VERY HELPFUL!! And for these things I cant thank you enough!! You were honest and 100% correct with every peice of information you gave me. You started by telling me information about the Niagara Region and how they handle situations like this. Then you literally walked me through step by step and told me exactly how the court appearace would work. You told me when to stay quiet, when to speak up, and literally gave me a play by play of what the judge would do and say!!... and you were bang on.... like really bang on!!My life has kinda been a whirlwind since my Brother passed away in August. Getting in this accident while driving without insurance was really just the icing on the cake.I think its important to praise people when praise is deserved.... one of the many traits my brother taught me. They say for every bad experience you have... you\'ll tell 10 people.... but i dont think enough people speak up when they have a good experience. This is why im writing this email. I truly believe you deserve praise!My court appearance wasnt easy and man was I ever nervous. But I took a deep breath and did EXACTLY what you told me to do!! I already knew exactly how it was going to work and what the judge was going to say because you prepared me so well.Im so so so happy to say the judge dropped the wreckless driving charge and lowered my driving without insurance to $2200 instead of $5000 and I have 2 years to pay.Again I want to extend my appreciation to you and hope you know how much your help has meant to me!!!I hope you have a wonderful christmas knowing how much better you have made mine!

X-Copper Hamilton 9.8 out of 10 based on 9 user reviews.