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Hello Megan,

Thank you for your help.
I'm a very good judge of character and have to tell you that you will be a bulldog ( in a good way) in court. You are very organized and to the point.

All the best to you and , please stay in touch.

Oliver M

By:Oliver M


Thank you to the X-Copper team of Megan Holman, and support staff for resolving my speeding ticket. I had never used X-Copper before and can now recommend them to anyone who feels that the policing system for ticketing has failed them. I was in traffic travelling at the same speed as cars around me when I got pulled over. They reviewed my information and we very detailed in explaining my options. There was no charge for their advise. After reviewing their advise I contracted them to represent my interest. Best investment I could have made charges withdrawn November 21 ,214. They(WE) won, they were great people to deal with at all times. I did not have to do a single thing they handled everything including appearing in court on my behalf.. Great job thanks!

X-Copper Peterborough 10 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.