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It took me a while to search and ask all my network for the right way to go, to discuss and investigate the speeding ticket I got in Peterborough. Although I am living nearby but I didn't have any information about the location and details for the city/town. I relied on X-Copper as first time ever to hire someone to defend me for such ticket. I got real detailed information as a customer/normal person who doesn't know much about the radars and laws. Megan was so helpful in the information, she didn't let any question unanswered either good or bad. She provided the full fact and image for me throughout that incident. Not only that, she offered me also to review some related detailed in an another X-Copper office near my residence. However, I really trusted the professional inputs and clarity on the process. Also, I have to tell that it was very important for me to learn more about the laws and how detailed is that process. It really worth the time and money invested with -Copper. I do appreciate Megan service. Happily, it removed the emotional barrier for myself & family to go around Peterborough to explore that lovely place without having any bad memories for the fine tickets. Thanks alot Megan. You did remove a too bad burden on my heart with such incident. It had much worse impact & burden on myself than just the money or the ticket because I hate to be feeling guilty. Thanks for doing such a great job for helping not just myself, but my family too.



My experience with X-Copper was positive from beginning to end. I dealt with Meghan who as very efficient and responsive and the results were also satisfactory. I would recommend them.



Hello Megan,

Thank you for your help.
I'm a very good judge of character and have to tell you that you will be a bulldog ( in a good way) in court. You are very organized and to the point.

All the best to you and , please stay in touch.

Oliver M

By:Oliver M


Thank you to the X-Copper team of Megan Holman, and support staff for resolving my speeding ticket. I had never used X-Copper before and can now recommend them to anyone who feels that the policing system for ticketing has failed them. I was in traffic travelling at the same speed as cars around me when I got pulled over. They reviewed my information and we very detailed in explaining my options. There was no charge for their advise. After reviewing their advise I contracted them to represent my interest. Best investment I could have made charges withdrawn November 21 ,214. They(WE) won, they were great people to deal with at all times. I did not have to do a single thing they handled everything including appearing in court on my behalf.. Great job thanks!

X-Copper Peterborough 10 out of 10 based on 5 user reviews.