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The concierge at our hotel connected us with Bill. We had a great afternoon seeing so many different neighborhoods within Toronto. Bill was great the way he customized the tour. Bill has a tremendous amount of knowledge about Toronto, its history and culture. He was a great person to share the afternoon with.



Our tour guide Bill was great ! Very friendly and informative. He gave us lots of information about Toronto. We really enjoyed. Highly recommended !




A few years ago I met one of the most important persons in my life - my wife. But before we were married we decided to take a guided trip through Sicily with Bill Genova - a friend of my wife. This would be a true test of our relationship, at least that's how I reasoned it. I mean, what could be more stressful than traveling - traveling with a person you've just fallen in love with - traveling with persons unknown - traveling in places unknown - led by someone unknown to me. Just exactly what should I expect?

Well, these many years later, that person did become my wife and no other trip has ever meant so much to me. The memories, the adventures, the sheer fun and enjoyment of Bill's infectious humour and knowledge and his unbelievable way of ensuring that our experience was unique and special match nothing that I have ever experienced. How could we forget participating in the 400th anniversary of the town of Vito listening to him explain the origins of his family or the incredible special lunches - some spontaneous, some planned, or the late nights laughing over numerous bottles of wine in so many wonderful towns - did I mention the ruins, the views from the tops of various hills and towns?

We became friends; good friends - we look forward to our special dinners here in the city, the special walks and being in the company of a special friend. Indeed, we have continued to engage Bill in various events and outings here in the city - our special history of Toronto that kept 30 + people utterly mesmerized after we decided to cancel our outdoor walk because of the torrential downpour outside or the out of town guests that Bill led through the St. Lawrence Market and the Distillery District for an event that I organized for people across Canada, US and France.

Endorse him? Absolutely - my wife and I owe it to ourselves to revisit Sicily or strike out on a new adventure but for sure, Bill has to lead us. It just wouldn't be fun otherwise.



By:K Lovasi

You were outstanding:) There is nothing you do not know about Toronto or it's surrounding areas...always amazes me how you keep so much information all tucked away!


Genova Tours 10 out of 10 based on 5 user reviews.
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