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The other day, my boyfriend put contact cleaner on his last pair of contacts, then into his eye. I ended up calling in a panic not knowing what I should do and they got him into an appointment not even a half hour after the incident. Dr. Matthews was absolutely amazing. She was knowledgeable, kind spoken and made us feel very welcome. They also had an assistant, sorry I can't remember her name, that was extremely knowledgeable and made us feel right at home! She took away his doctor jitters!

Thank you all for our wonderful experience and laughs!



Wow! First time ever using Bedford Eye Care Centre & the service in a word is AWESOME!!!! Requested eye exam one day, completed & glasses ordered next day, and all received and fitted in 9 days from original appointment. The whole staff was very knowledgeable, helpful & very service oriented. Best part is I love my new glasses. Thanks ladies for a job very well done! You've certainly earned my future business too! Thanks! David S.



i had dry eyes, being 57, not surprising esp since i abused contact lenses throughout my youth by wearing them 16+ hours a day.

i came here for a better way to handle dry eyes. i was using drops multiple times a day and night. after the LipiFlow treatment was explained and recommended to me, i said yes please. it was quick, painless, easy. now i use drops before bed and for most days, that is it with the drops.

the facilities are first class, comfortable, clean, well designed. the staff were friendly, helpful, professional. everything was explained to me.

highly recommend


By:Glen Smith

I recently approached Bedford Eye Care for an eye check-up and to explore options for vision wear, specifically contact lenses. Being 55 years old with astigmastism and presbyopia, I wasn’t sure that contacts were even a viable option. I was a complicated case, but Erin Hensler of the contact fitting department offered me multiple opportunities to properly trial multi-focals and monovision of various brands to ensure that I had the best fit. In the end we settled on a combination monovision/multi-focal solution with a long distance lens for my dominant astigmatism right eye and a multi-focal lens for close-up work in my left eye. In order to avoid strain in my right eye when using the computer for longer periods and still wear my contacts throughout the work day, she recommended a pair of reading glasses to be worn over contacts that only corrected my right eye to a shorter focal distance when using the computer. I believe that the level of care and time that Erin is permitted to ensure a properly fit contact lens is a significant reason to consider Bedford Eye Care as your contact lens provider. I can't imagine getting better care elsewhere. When you’re putting something directly on your eye, lens fit and eye health is critical. Whether your contact fitting is straightforward or more complicated (like mine was), if you are interested in having your contact fitting done professionally by someone who will do what it takes to “get it right”, I would highly recommend Erin Hensler and Bedford Eye Care.

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Hello Dr. Cox, I thought I should let you know that I'm extremely happy with the recent pair of glasses I picked up. The fit and style is perfect and I'm enjoying wearing them. I stopped in to have a minor adjustment made a couple of weeks ago and was quickly looked after in a professional manner. From your frontline staff, to the fit professionals and yourself I couldn't ask for a better experience. Thanks for taking care of my eyes.

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We have been clients at Bedford Eye Care for over a decade. Dr Avila Cox has always provided us outstanding care that stems from a sincere desire to ensure excellent eye health. The staff are always professional and helpful, which is especially appreciated when choosing new eyewear. We have and will continue to highly recommend Dr Cox and all at Bedford Eye Care to anyone seeking the best in the field!

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Not to be dramatic, but I am the hugest fan of Dr. Toby Mandelman and her staff at Bedford Eye Care!! So much so that, even having been living in Toronto for over a decade now, she is STILL my eye doctor!

Dr. Mandelman and her staff always go above and beyond and really take the time to listen to me about any concerns or questions I may have.

Dr. Mandelman is also always getting the most cutting edge equipment in to the office and using the most current techniques. She is always learning and passing that knowledge on to her clients. She is also one of the most kind people you'll ever meet. I am her biggest fan. I trust her absolutely and completely.

Also, the staff who work at Bedford Eye Care are really lovely and kind. I always find them welcoming and very helpful. I think it is telling that most of the time you can recognize people who have been working there for years and years. Everyone from the front desk staff to the folks you see before the eye doctor (I forget their official title! Is it assistant?! I'm not sure... but they're always wonderful and patient) is just great.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Mandelman. If you were on the fence about going to see her, get off the fence and GO!!! You won't be disappointed.


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In August my husband developed some type of condition in his eye. He went to a walk in clinic and was told it was a virus and to give it a few days. When he came home and I seen it, I told him we need to go right to Bedford Eye Care. We didn't call, we just walked in and that is when the wonderful care started. They identified my husbands eye needed attention at the VG eye clinic right away, as his pressures were extremely high, and the eye was inflamed. We had to visit the VG almost every day that week and three times the other week. Thank you Bedford Eye Care!!!

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I must first start off by apologizing for the long review but it is very important for me to highlight and thank this amazingly talented and professional group of doctors and staff. My company had done work with and I have been a client of Dr. Mandleman since she first started her practice and had the pleasure to watch it grow step by step, it is a truly wonderful first class operation. I was soon heading back to Nova Scotia for a quick vacation and had been experiencing some very drastic changes in my vision. In the province we are now living I had an eye examine and had gotten new glasses at the first of the year because the changes that were happening, I went back a couple of times and mentioned something did not seem quite right but was told that with my first time wearing progressive lenses it takes some getting used to. As my vision continued to deteriorate I became more concerned and called my trusty friends at Bedford eye care and told them I was heading home in a week or so and would love to bee seen by a doctor if possible. Theresa as always was more than helpful and although Dr Mandelman was away that week she was able to squeeze me in to see Dr. McLeod. After a very through examination by Dr McLeod and staff it was determined that there was something concerning going on outside of a prescription issue and recommended I see a specialist as soon as I returned home as she suspected it maybe something interfering with the optic nerve. Wow was she right on track, a benign tumor of significant size was found that was causing vision as well as many other health related issues and surgery was preformed within a couple of weeks. I am writing this from my hospital bed and I am extremely happy and grateful to say that my eye sight has been restored and the other issues are now being treated as well.
To say i am truly grateful to the talent that is available at Bedford Eye Care is an understatement. Going home I knew that if a got into see them that they would get to the root of my issues and I'm happy to say they did not disappoint. If it's the best care available along with warm and caring people then there is no other place than this wonderful clinic, thank you thank you thank you.


Dr. Mandelman was recommended to me by my family doctor 5 years ago when we moved to Halifax.

I just finished my annual eye examination and once again was impressed with the entire experience.

The new location of the office is very convenient with great parking. The staff are friendly and efficient.

Dr. Mandelman is extremely up to date, knowledgeable and kind. An excellent optometrist in my opinion!

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This is one of the best service I have received. Awesome people.Even if you are living in downtown, go to this place it worth it you will see.



I moved to Nova Scotia 7 years ago and was unable to find anyone to allow continued eye care with hard contact lens. The first time I ended up dealing with my own clinic back in B.C. After getting a new RX. This time I called a few places in Halifax and was told there was no one in the area to help me and probably not in Nova Scotia. I don't know why I made one last attempt but I did and arrived at Bedford Eye Care. It was my lucky day. I now have wonderful eye care and the product I wanted. I was treated professional and with respect by all the staff. And even though I drive 3 hours for the service I would not give it up for the world. Special thanks to Dr. Erin Sheppard who made all this possible and gave me back my 20-20 vision. Sheelagh Jones

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I started using Bedford Eye Care last fall and just had my second visit. I had the most thorough eye examns I have had since I was a teenager over 50 years ago. Dr. Mandleman together with her competent and friendly staff provide an excellent, professional service with the most up to date equipment, clear understandable explanations of issues and quick responce to various tests.

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Thank you Dr. Shepherd! This place is the greatest. At my first visit I had seen two other optometrists in 12 months complaining that I could not see. 1)Dr. Shepherd heard me, 2) did thorough examinations and 3) I finally got glasses that are right for me! I have to say that the optician was the best I ever dealt with as well.

At that visit Dr. Shepherd thought she could see issues on the periphery of my retina and referred me to an ophthalmologist - won't bore you with the details but it was a great catch I am getting early treatment.

I cannot tell you how much I believe that this optometry practice is likely the best in the city. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Also they run an efficient, on time, practice where I felt listened to, that respected my feelings and made sure everything was expertly checked over. If I was you - I'd switch!

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BEDFORD EYE CARE 10 out of 10 based on 14 user reviews.
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