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I was involved in a fender bender that resulted in a careless driving charge with 6 demerit points, I was scared and worried as I rely on driving to work and humbly provide for my family, a 30 day suspension and the insurance increase that would have came with it would have cost me my job, maybe my house and definitely would have a major negative effect on my whole family's life.

Immediately I called X COPPERS and spoke with Chantel Twizell, she explained to me possible outcomes and took my case on, well my court date was 2 days ago my fine went from 490$ to 110$, and I went from 6 points down to a completely manageable 2 points.

I can Honestly say the work of my X-Coppers representative saved my livelihood from ruin.

Many thanks




In July our daughter got herself mixed up with another girl and was mistakenly charged with the other's driving offences, Failure to Remain and Failure to Report an Accident. Sarah was nowhere near the scene of the accident and any charges of this nature were totally unfounded. It became a huge mess of drama, untruths, "she said-(s)he saids", and a police team that took the word of an unreliable witness, followed by a long 14 months of trial and stress to relieve Sarah of the charges. The whole case was like the proverbial peeling of the onion, each layer producing another before getting to the core.

We first went to XCOPPER in Barrie because we did not know where else to go to get the charges addressed and get to the truth of the matter. Part of the reason was that if they could not help us, we knew they would at least steer us in the right direction to someone who could. We met Drew and knew we had found someone who was capable and knowledgeable and able to accept Sarah's case with ease. Drew was very professional and confident he could help Sarah. Part of his strength was in dealing with Sarah and getting the truth from her, at the same time instilling her confidence in him.

Drew really knew his stuff: the laws, how effective police investigations should be carried out, and the inside track on how this mess came to be in the first place. He was very skilled in unravelling the facts of the case in a logical manner and seeing the inconsistencies. He was sensitive to emotions and how to handle potentially hysterical witnesses. He put together a very well designed defense for the trial and we were blown away by his capabilities on the stand. He presented very well in court and it was apparent the Prosecution and Justice had great respect for Drew.

We also appreciated his foresight in bringing Stephanie in to court to prepare an appeal in the chance the trial "went off the rails."

We are eternally grateful to Drew for his hard work, dedication and knowledge, and sheer ability to resolve Sarah's situation to a happy outcome. Sarah is relieved to be free of this potentially life-altering situation, and can now move on with her life plans. As parents, we are so thankful of Drew's abilities and professional expertise to make it all happen.

By: Robin and Doug


I am writing to thank you for your hard work and efforts to assist in clearing my record. The members of your firm provide confidence in their attitude and gestures. Their professionalism shows in the courtroom. On both occasions - speeding 99 in a 50 zone and failing to report - I was relieved of all worries and my record unblemished. I know that had I not come to your office, my record would leave me an at-risk driver. I once took a charge to a competitor - that was a big mistake. They merely drop you down a point, in my case, from four to three points. In my youth and inexperience as a driver, I am relieved that your company exists. Again, I thank your team very much for their determination and perfectionism.

X-Copper Barrie 10 out of 10 based on 3 user reviews.