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By:Paul in Toronto

I have had trouble sleeping over the past two years as I live on Bay Street. Cars, ambulances, motor cycles go all night long. I saw B Quiet windows at a house that I recently sold and was spellbound. Yes... they are very expensive. I no longer sleep with a white noise machine. They colour matched the existing frames. The building manager was very impressed with the work as well. I would highly recommend them. Paul



By:Mark in Toronto

Keen to expand our living space as we moved into the family formation phase of life, my wife and I bought a nice townhouse in downtown Toronto. While we knew it was on a busy street, I didn't know that it would impact me as much as it did after the first few minutes of moving in (I actually thought we bought a lemon and would lose all of the equity we had in our place when we have to sell, which I wanted to a few weeks after moving in).
After researching all the sound proofing options in the world, I stumbled across Encore's bqueit windows and subsequently got in touch with Dave R. He took many of hours over the course of a few weeks to chat via phone and email and then eventually visit to discuss options to reduce noise within our house. I can not say enough good things about Dave; not only is his technical knowledge at an expert level, he is a genuinely great guy and wants the best for his clients over the long term.
We ordered two bquiet windows and one bquiet storm door for an upper level patio. Installation was efficient and clean. The end result: I now sleep like a baby. These windows work great and eliminate all sharp noise (not all noise), but have restored the peace I was looking for. They are expensive, but they are an investment in both reduced heat loss and peace and quiet.
Next phase will be some new sound proof picture windows and will look to get a few more windows done with the bquiet solution.



By:Richard from Toronto

After having contracted with Encore three times over the past 4 years, we feel qualified to state that they are a great organization to deal with. Friendly, on-time and efficient personnel - sales (Anthony and Mike) and installation (Michael) - whose goal is to leave you satisfied. They sell very solid products that will last over time. We will not hesitate to call upon them in the future.



By:Ulana from Toronto

Michael and assistant Michael who did my installation were very professional, extremely tidy, prompt, and polite. Installation was executed extremely well and Anthony followed up with a call to make sure I was satisfied.



By:Steph in Toronto

We knew for a long time that our windows needed to be replaced. Looking around the neighbourhood we noticed that many houses had new windows but the frames were very thick and we didn't want to lose so much glass area. Encore was referred to us and they explaned that what we were looking at in our neighborhood were all retro-fits. Encore suggested a brick to brick installation, we also chose a colour other than white. The windows are now installed and they look faboulous! Thank you Encore!



By:Ulana in Toronto

Bquiet was recommended to me by a friend who had soundproof windows installed at her newly purchased condo. She couldn't stop raving about the service and outcome of her installation. Needing soundproofing in my own condo after trying soundproofing curtains to no avail, i too called Anthony G at bquiet soundproofing windows. Anthony G was on top of the game from the start. He showed up when he said he would be there, kept me abreast of the progress of the windows for installation and followed up afterwards to ensure everything was in working order. The installers were punctual, tidy and very professional as well. The service by bquiet Soundproof Windows was top notch.



By:Heather in Newmarket

Mike, your firm is the most honest company I have had the pleasure of dealing with! I am sorry I do not need to replace my window.... there was mold and water, so I thought for sure I would need to. George explained it must have not been closed properly (perhaps from the handle) and this is the result, however, the window is fine with some bleach to kill the mold and a new handle. As you can imagine, I'm totally relieved about not having the expense. Mike, not sure another window company would be this forthright.... much appreciated! When I'm ready for new front doors, you're my man! You are so honest..... that is exactly why you are successful! All about karma, going around, etc.... Thanks again, to you and thanks to George.



By:Jane in Cabbagetown

We replaced all of the windows in our heritage home and added 8' patio doors to our backyard, as part of a major renovation we completed in 2011/2012. We had several quotes, but Encore Windows was the best in terms of product, price and service. Anthony Gucciardi at Encore was instrumental in helping us get the Heritage approval that we needed for the wood frame windows in the front of our house. He also coordinated the delivery and installation of our vinyl windows. Both the wood and vinyl windows look fantastic - the installers were quick, but careful and the whole job happened on time! We were very impressed with Encore and would certainly recommend them to our family and friends



By:Susan in Markham

Encore did a complete brick-to-brick replacement of all our windows and a sliding patio door. We are very satisfied with the quality of the windows (Vinyl Window Designs) and with the quality of the installation. Dave took the time to explain the superior construction of the windows, so though they were a little more expensive than another brand we were considering, we felt the price was going to be worthwhile in terms of energy savings and peace of mind. The installers George and Sean also take pride in their work and have many years of experience. I looked at a lot of vinyl window installations in our neighborhood before making a decision. In the end we decided to go with Encore because our neighbor's installation simply looked the best and noticeably so. Overall very happy with their service and with the look of our windows.



By:Carolyn in York

A few years ago I contracted Encore to do windows on my home which was more than 100 years old. Encore did a fabulous retrofit job on that old house and added some much needed charm to it. The windows were beautiful, worked well, and the service provided was exceptional. I recently purchased another older home which required all new windows and a French style door. I contacted several companies, including Encore for a quote. Encore's quote was very competitive, they took the time to be available after hours when I was free and they were very helpful with ideas and suggestions. I gave the contract to Encore and they recently finished the installation. They were very clean and efficient and the windows were done without any inconvenience to me. My current home is also an older home and required some extra work which Encore did without hesitation. The finishing work, both inside and out is exceptional, and the installer went above and beyond to make the windows look great. Every window is my favorite. I have been very happy with Encore for both installations, and for their customer service, and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the great work and the extra care.



By:J.S. in Montreal Quebec

The window's work great. I mesured the decibel decrease with a nifty little application for my iPad. Essentially, I have mesured a 15 db decrease from the original value. Put it simply the phisics work and your product delivers on the theory. I am a very happy customer... I dont wake up a 5 am annymore... And can take a nap even in the rush hour... I will contact you in a couple of weeks for the planification of the installation of the other windows. Sincerely, JS



By:Lisa in Toronto

Encore Home Improvements installed sound proof windows in our bedroom that look neat and cut out undesirable noise. I have bionic hearing and I hear nothing! Windows look great and no mess left behind from installation. In fact, this company on its own initiative a few days after installation, contacted my husband to inform him that they had remade a panel of the window that they wished to reinstall immediately. Most likely the installer at the time judged that this panel did not fit adequately and communicated this back to the company and ensured the quality by sending someone back to finish the job to perfection! Very professional and trustworthy! The product also looks and works to perfection! Thank you Encore Home Improvements for making the experience hassle free and and satisfying a very scrutinizing client with an excellent product!



We've been working with Encore Windows for a few years now, slowly replacing all of our windows. While the initial installation was a bit of a disaster (they were trying to replace our bay window in one piece rather than 2 pieces so it would look better on the outside but after 2 failed attempts at getting the window fitting properly, they had to replace it with 3 separate), it was their dedication and genuine and sincere approach to make it all right (even at their own cost) that made us go back to them time and time again. We've replaced virtually all of our windows with triple glaze and the difference has been absolutely remarkable. For years we dealt with condensation on the inside of our windows anytime the temperatures dipped below -10C. Now, they're completely dry and we no longer worry about mold issues. While triple glaze is more expensive, we have found that the price difference is negligible when you see the end results and the difference it makes. In addition, we got the solar shield low E glass and it's absolutely remarkable what a temperature difference we've experienced. With our previous windows (western exposure) in the summers if we didn't pull down the blinds our kitchen and bedroom were easily 30C+ on a hot humid day. Now, it never goes above 24C, even without the AC on so the amount of electricity we're saving by not having the AC running all the time is amazing. We've worked with Dave and Diane in the office and they've always been very helpful, attentive and considerate of our needs. In regards to the installation - we've gotten to know Mike very well now and he's amazing. Always professional and gets the job done well and quickly. They show up on time and the job site is clean when they leave. We've liked working with Encore so much, we've also had them replace Christine's mother's windows and front door. We highly recommend them.



By:Dan on Bloor Street

The master bedroom in my condo faces Bloor Street East. Traffic noise, pedestrians talking and sirens from ambulances and fire engines bothered me at night. In another property, I had tried using Plexiglas for soundproofing but did not find it effective at reducing the noise. An Internet search led me to Encore Home Improvements, and a check on HomeStars convinced me to get in touch with that company. I am glad I did. From start to finish, I was impressed by the professionalism displayed by the staff of Encore Home Improvements. They really strive to do a perfect job. The soundproof windows look great (actually you don’t really notice them, which is the idea). They were installed almost two weeks ago and they work. Traffic and pedestrian noise have disappeared. Sirens can still be heard but seem less close. Strangely enough, so far I have noticed them only during the day and not at night. I am sure they are still sirens every night on Bloor Street near the fire hall just east of Sherbourne. Probably because my sleep is deeper I have not heard them. Thank you, Encore Home Improvements!



By:Valerie in Aurora

The doors are beautiful, the whole house feels warmer and tighter and while I didn't get an opportunity to meet George and Shawn as I was "wearing" the dog downstairs, I heard Kerry kibitzing with them and knew from her tone how very much she liked both men. I just can't tell you enough how pleased we are with both doors, the really elegant door hardware and just how much light they let in to our dark entry and side landing. And real grillwork on the door windows, not that fake inside the glass crap! And I too agree with Kerry that we are most pleased that Heather recommended you so very highly as we will do to anyone we meet who is looking to upgrade. You were a great teacher guiding us through the world of doors! Very scary!!! All the best and see you in the spring for the downstairs windows! Valerie



By:Todd in North York

After spending some time shopping around for windows, we decided to go with Encore Windows as Mike was thorough, attentive and competitive. We also insisted on using a company that was Window Wise certified. New windows are only as good as the installation. We read the reviews on several companies, but Encore came ahead of everyone else because Mike wanted our business and did everything to ensure we made the right selection for our home. We were in a rush to get the windows installed and once the contract was signed, the windows arrived ahead of schedule. To our surprise, the crew arrived on time and completed the job ahead of schedule and on budget. I would definitely recommend Encore Windows to anyone who needs to replace their windows. I’m so pleased with the installation and the completion of the project, that I intend to call them in the spring to replace my front door and two sliding glass doors in the basement.



By:Robert K. in Toronto

“I paid a deposit to have my soundproof window manufactured by Encore with the expectation that it would be done within 8 weeks. It ended up taking 8 weeks plus a few days, then a few days on top of that to set up an appointment to have the window installed, but it turned out to be well worth the wait and the expense! My partner and I immediately noticed a huge reduction in the noise associated with streetcars making a short turn around our building. Although we can still detect the sound of the streetcars (and louder vehicles like trucks), it’s now at a volume that we can easily adjust to. Previously we’d been disturbed by the streetcars every night, despite living in our place for almost 6 months! We’ve had the window now for several months, but I’d forgotten to write a review for Encore. I remembered to do this just the other day when due to a cough and the fact that my partner had an exam the following day, I decided to help her get a good night’s rest by sleeping on the sofa in the living room... I was immediately reminded of the noise we used to cope with nightly. (We only have the soundproofing installed in the bedroom.) Although the street noise seems almost pleasant to live with in our living room during the day, it still made it just as difficult as ever to get a good night’s rest. I also realized that the most significant benefit we’ve had from the window is that when the street noise is low outside, it’s utterly silent in the bedroom; there’s something to be said for that… Lastly, the window in our bedroom where Encore installed the additional soundproof window is about ten feet high and eight feet wide. It was installed in six sections that look quite nice and match the outer window perfectly. The guys from Encore even put our curtains back up for us!” Sincerely, Robert K.



By:Libby in Richmond Hill

We recently changed all of the windows in the house. We chose Encore becasue we knew many people who have used them in the past and were extremely happy with their service and products. We have always had an issue with controlling the temperature in our home. Most of the windows in the house face west and we tend to get a lot of sun in the afternoon which heats the house up intensely...needless to say AC in the summer doesn't help. We told Encore about this problem and along with the energy efficient windows we wanted they reccommended a product that would help solve our over heating issue in the summer and help keep the heat in the house in the winter...and it didn't even cost us extra. This summer we saved on our energy bills because we didn't need to keep the AC running all day long...I can't wait to see how much our heating bills will decrease this winter. Not only were the sales people great to deal with....the installers were fantastic. They cleaned up after themselves and their installations were flawless. I would reccommend Encore to everyone I know.



By:Elley & Peter inToronto

Dear Anthony, We would like to take a moment and Thank you wholeheartdly for completing successfully the installation of the windows around our home. First and foremost , you were there for us since the first day we called the office to book a free of charge on site estimation ,consulation and presentation of the windows and Doors Products.You have exhibited high knowldege of the products and used your insights /recommendations to proactively respond and meet our long term needs. You have been working tiresslesly to constantly answer every question, concern we had regarding the products ( including all details, features, parts and installation procedures)via the phone , intermnet or in person visit.It is also important to point out that, Upon completion of the job, you visited with us and inspected the whole work , making sure that everything was done as per the original proposal. On the other hand , the two window's specialist/installer(s)s Mike and Patrick did an amazing job finishing the whole project within two business days! It is worth to mention that tear out installation and installing casement windows( inside-out) is a huge project! Since the commencement of the project till its completion, they have exhibited high level of professionalism, working in a very timely and efficient manner. Their first priority , was the neatness and cleanness of the work area together with the disposal of the rubbish.It is amanizing the fact that, after leaving the site everything was so neat and clean! Mike and Patrick possess a sophisticated knowledge of installation techinques and are very precise and professional by completing the project as per the original proposal. We were also very impressed by the fact that they were always on time and very respectful for the house ( very careful for the walls , floors and surroundings). We have been receiving a lot of compliments on the windows and well done job by neighboors, friends , family members, even people that happened to visit our street at that time! Also, special Thanks to the Encore HeadOffice employees for their great work regarding the paper work including : booking the appointment(s) with the sales manager, Technicians for measurement and re-measurent , pre-installation procedures and certificate of job completion. We strongly recommend Encore Home Improvements to our friends , family members and neighboours ! Once again , Thank you. Elley&Peter Toronto


Encore Home Improvements 10 out of 10 based on 19 user reviews.
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