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Great peoples, Great services from peoples that care about you and your family..
Family business that take pride in what they do and how they do it...




Thank you, Jeff and staff. You did a wonderful job cleaning our furnace ducts. We appreciate your hard work!




I would like to say I wasn't sure what was going to be performed for the duct cleaning because I was not choosing the traditional way with the truck that normally arrives at your house. The Go Green Team was friendly, knowledgeable and very comprehensive with every attention to detail. I have had the duct work cleaned previously from other companies but no one has provided the service level where they removed and meticulously wash and clean each cold air return, hot air-vent, bathroom fan covers, the fan area as well and reinstall all covers. You could definitely hear the items moving in the duct work as the cleaning process took place. They extensively cleaned the furnace completely inside in like new condition once completed and detail to any possible internal components that may need attention for example replacing the flame sensor. The Team also cleans the dryer for any lint and assures the airflow is proper after the process. Once the entire duct cleaning is completed it is followed up with an Organic sanitization and deodorized and installed a new furnace filter upon completion. Regarding the cost of the duct cleaning service from Team Go Green there is a lot of value for your green dollar.


向你推荐绿色(GOING GREEN)锅炉,管道清理


(Going Green)是一个萨市卡通锅炉,管道清理公司。我推荐它他是因为几星期以前他公司问我提供了清理服务,感觉不错。公司老板兼首要个人是个有耐性的人,注重细节。整个三人小组工作有条不紊,按照程序工作。值得信赖和选择。

GO Green Go

Thanks for you work.




First off it's impressive when three generations show up to work together!
Everyone was very polite and congenial which was a bonus :D
The job they did was thorough and included cleaning our floor vents, dryer ducts and central vac.
The air flow from our floor ducts was noticeably improved as was the flow through the fresh air vents. Our central vacuum had improved suction as well. Being in the midst of major repairs in our home, including the installation of a new furnace, the removal of drywall dust from our ducts and the CV was wonderful. We appreciated their patience with the chaos they had to work in here! Even without the filters we had in each duct to help eliminate allergens, we have seen less dust accumulating than prior to the ducts being cleaned. In checking the furnace filter 5 days after the cleaning, it still required vacuuming to remove pet hair, but the filter wasn't filthy as it had previously been even with me vacuuming it twice weekly. The only thing that prevents me from giving Go Green 5 stars was the price being higher than was originally quoted, but I am assuming this was due to access holes needing to be created in our ductwork in order to do the job. Additionally our upstairs toilet was used as a ladder at one point. The cracking sound it made under the weight of an adult male standing on it about gave me a heart attack. Especially being as our current reconstruction is due to flooding.
Aside from the last two mentions, I would recommend Go Green to others and would hire them for future furnace and duct cleaning here.



reasonable, clean and efficent




For too many years I procrastinated getting my heating system cleaned - partly because I didn't know who to go with. My online search led me to Go Green. I appreciated working with Jeff and his team. They arrived when promised; communicated thoroughly; opened up the furnace to explain what they were going to do; were careful and clean; used specialized equipment and thoughtful processes in executing their work; invoiced as per their quote. When there was a bit of follow up work that needed attention, they came back to rectify the situation, for which we were also appreciative. Jeff is a pleasure to do business with and I definitely recommend Go Green for furnace and duct cleaning. Well done, guys!




I had these guys come into my Rental house a few weeks ago and I was very impressed. Although I'm not the owner of the house, they took the time to explain exactly what was going on and everything they took apart I was told how it worked and what was wrong with it. This house had NEVER had the ducts or furnace cleaned, even threw a $25000 flood and rebuild. The guys were extremely professional and kind and I would highly recommend the services they provide. My landlord and I are both satisfied.
Thanks again for everything. You went above and beyond.





I built my house eight years ago and had not cleaned my furnace until last week.
Go Green came in and did a great and very thorough job,,they came when they said they would,
And the invoice was as quoted .....thank you Jeff and crew,,



By:Sean F

This was the first time we have had our house duct work and furnace cleaned since the purchase of our house and we weren't sure what to expect. We had made a bunch of calls and got pricing ideas and also details of what the work would entail. After talking with Jeff, he made us feel sure we were getting the best bang for our buck!. He was straight up with what it was going to cost and time to get it done was right on the money. He was very thorough when he arrived showing us what he was going to do and the reason for it. We definitely have no complaints with the workmanship we got and for the price he did it for. If you are needing your ventilation system cleaned and serviced in your house or business you must GO GREEN!!!


By: gogreenlive

Thank you from go green team



After receiving several quotes from other companies, we decided to go with Go Green because of the 'all inclusive' pricing system as well as the eco-friendly aspect. Jeff and his team arrived on time and immediately got to work; I was amazed when I turned around and one of the gentlemen was filling my kitchen sink to hand wash all of our registers! The whole team was very polite and friendly. My job was finished in the quoted time and I was very impressed with the end price. The next day we noticed our furnace wasn't working; Jeff was quick to come back and check it out even though it was not forsure an issue that was caused do to the cleaning. We wound up having to call a plumber who inspected the furnace and it turns out a small cord had come loose during the cleaning. Jeff apologized several times and paid for the situation to be rectified. So although we did have some problems, they were quickly taken care of by Jeff in a very friendly and prompt manner. In the end him and his team did an amazing job and I would 100% recommend them to family and friends and use them again in the future.


By: gogreenlive

Thank you



Jeff truly understands the importance of indoor air quality. My son and I had been exposed to toxic black mold and septic fumes in our home for more than two years, leaving us (among other related health issues) immuno-compromised, chemically sensitive and severely asthmatic.
We had already undergone remediation, renovations, duct cleaning and partial duct replacement, but we were still unable to remain in our home without experiencing the same devastating symptoms and health issues and as such, had not been able to live in our home for more than a year causing significant additional financial and physical strain.
Jeff listened to our history and not only provided a clear, detailed and accurate description of his process, he made modifications to suit our particular sensitivities, ensuring not only the best result for the home long term, but for our immediate health.
I was amazed by how thorough the cleaning was and surprised by him contacting me the following day to ensure that his work had created a safe and healthy environment. When I discovered that there were issues remaining with the air quality that were still affecting us, even after I discovered and explained that it was due to duct replacement that was insufficient and had no relation to his work, he spent hours assisting us over many days, without any obligation to do so, with no expectation of a return other than to know that he had helped us to finally have a safe and healthy environment in which to live and heal.
After one day of his final adjustments, I had regained some energy, colour in my face and an appetite. My little boy is already breathing better.
If it wasn't for Jeff, we would not have been able to live in our home.


By: gogreenlive

Thank you for talking you time to share your experience for the work that go green furnace cleaning did for you it was my pleasure to make a difference in yours and your sons life sin Jeff Williams


By:Vanessa Patrick

Jeff and Dave are yet the best I have had to do a Furnance cleaning. Both went above and beyond and passed my expectations. Dave was at my sink cleaning by hand my registers and air intake while Jeff was downstairs going above to make sure the old furnace was still properly in place. After finding some spots where air was able to escape he personal fixed the problem and made sure everything else was in working order and in place. I have yet to see that ever happen with other companies. Very kind, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. They care more about the customers then money in their pockets. Will recommend them to everyone and anyone. Thanks guys for the amazing work you do. noticed the difference right away after you left. See you soon




Jeff and Dave came to my home and you can tell they care about your health even after they cleaned it they double checked to make sure everything was perfect,I can breath so much better in my home and my sleeping has improved breathing in that fresh clean air, I'll be calling you guys from now on, I highly recommend these guys




These guys are amazing!! We moved into our home 3 weeks ago and the people before us had a dog and cat....our son has dog and cat allergies. Since moving in he has been so sick and needing his rescue inhaler 4x a day. When he heard about our situation he came out on his day off to help us :-) He cleaning everything and took extra precautions to keep my son safe. He is amazing at what he does and very picky about how it is done and done right! It is only the next day and my son has not needed his inhaler at all today yet :) From the bottom of my heart thank you so so much!!!!



A company you can trust with awesome service Jeff was very professional knowledgeable and quick to answer any of my questions I had Jeff showed me my ducts before and after he was finished the duct work looked phenomenal Go Green did my vent duct work and my furnace plus sanitized using Environmentally Friendly Products which I like I would highly recommend Go Green to family and friends they went above and beyond my expectations Thank you Jeff for a job well done!!



My house was built in 1985 and the ducts had never been cleaned. As you can imagine there was a lot of material to clean out. The job consequently took 5 hours instead of the usual 3 or so. Jeff and his Dad were very thorough and carefully washed and cleaned all the floor grates. They cleaned both hot and cold returns and stayed till the job was done. I also received a Farr air filter. There was enough material left in the ducts to plug this filter in two weeks so I vacuumed it out and will take it out to blow out more material. This in spite of the fact that they removed enough material to fill up their vacuum. They also cleaned out my dryer duct and their system had enough suction to pull debris from the bottom of the dryer and blew out enough material to put a bunch of material onto my lawn so that was good to see. A sanitizer was also sprayed throughout the system. Recommended for periodic cleaning and maintenance of duct system.



I had gogreenfurnaceclean clean my ducts and furnace in early November
and I am very happy. A lot less dust. They showed me where the issues were and dealt with them. I will definetly recommend you to friends and family.



Jeff and Dave were very friendly and informative. They took me through a walk through and show me what problems I had with my furnace and ducts. These guys truly do care about the job they do. Can't thank them enough. Since they have been here the air quality in the house is 100 times better.



Go Green came and cleaned my furnace and clothes dryer vent. Did a great job, I'm glad I got the work done before my wife and I had our baby because there is a lot less dust in the house. Better for baby's health and less dusting for us!



Jeff and Dave were very pleasant and very thorough. I would highly recommend them to anybody. Thank you!



Thank you to Jeff and Dave for doing an outstanding cleaning job in our home (ducts, furnace, air conditioning, central vac, gas fireplace and dryer vent). They were punctual, friendly, and extremely thorough. They offered helpful advice to us about taking care of our home. The one small complaint we have is that the price was a little more than we expected it to be based on Jeff's original, over-the-phone quote. I do, however, believe that the amount we paid was well worth it in the end! We would certainly recommend this service to our family and friends!




It is amazing to me that in just 3 short hours they cleaned up the mess that was my furnace, air conditioner, dryer vent, central vacuum, bathroom vents and so much more! The price was very reasonable for all the work they did. I will recommend this company to all my friends.



As a "Type A" homeowner living in a house with very little carpet, I didn't think there would be a lot of dust/lint in my ductwork. I was wrong! These polite, tidy, quiet and hard-working fellows stayed on task for almost five hours without stopping and made sure that everything was clean and smelling wonderful when they left. They included items I hadn't even thought of...like bathroom ceiling vents and the furnace humidifier pad. I highly recommend their service and will definitely be a repeat customer.



Jeff and Dave came in mid-morning on a Saturday, which was perfect time for me so I didn't have to take time off work. Jeff explained everything he was doing and showed a before and after of what the furnace and ducts looked like (dirty then clean). Also they cleaned the floor vents which was a huge surprise!! Very professional, very thorough and definitely much more affordable than some of the other big name companies. On top of all that, Jeff uses all environmentally friendly products :) My mom had a cold from all the drywall dust in her house and within two days of having the furnace and ducts cleaned, she was no longer stuffed up and her eyes weren't as dry and itchy. I would definitely recommend Go Green, and we will for sure have Jeff and his team come back again whenever necessary!


GO GREEN FURNACE & AIR DUCT CLEANING 9.8 out of 10 based on 43 user reviews.

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