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Working with Germain and his team was pleasant and flawless from beginning to end. The unique product/service they provide meant going outside of the US was our best option. That can be a little unnerving since it's a considerable amount of money on the line. But between the excellent reviews I read online and Germain's quick and thorough responses to all of my questions, I felt as good working with them as I would have with a local company. It is clear Germain is an expert at his craft and he truly cares about delivering the highest quality product. After having nearly completed the door, he realized there was a manufacturer flaw - a very subtle crease across some panels that I never would have seen from the picture that he sends prior to packaging and delivery. He alerted me to the situation and his team replaced the panels even though that meant extra rework. I was so appreciative of his high standards and honestly - that is just so rare to find. The door is now installed and it is perfection. And functional which is a winning combination! I would highly recommend working with them!



I spent a good deal of time planning to buy my WalkThru garage door. Germain was always responsive, detailed, and personable when helping me design and order my door. It was delivered as designed, and was obviously crafted with care and craftsmanship. My installer remarked on the quality of the base door and the expertise of the WalkThru door as well. It fit, it works, and we love it. I would highly recommend the company, the product, and the people.




Working with WalkThru Garage Doors was a delight from start to finish. Germain and his team could not have been more helpful and supportive. And when the products arrived Voila - truly beautiful craftsmanship - we could not have been happier.



Being a builder, finding good trades and suppliers is one of our most difficult tasks.
I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision to work with WalkThru Garage Doors.
From the initial order to the install, they have been excellent to work with. Great communication and great effort to ensure I was completely satisfied. The product is excellent and of top quality.
I look forward to working with them again in the future.




Germain and his crew rock!
We finished our basement and the city was requiring we add an egress. We had bids of 10k and more to cut windows in our foundation and add window wells, steps etc. After a little investigation, we discovered the city would allow us to convert our garage door to a normal door, however, this would have required us to frame the opening of the garage and reduce the opening to a small doorway. I found Germain and Walkthru Garage Doors via Google. This solution saved us thousands and allows us to keep the functionality of our garage door. The ordering of the door was simple. The product and engineering are superb. Cannot recommend this company more highly. We are still under construction but I wanted to included a couple of pics.




We have a full basement that we have divided up into several rooms. One for sewing and laundry, one for my large work shop, and one, soon, for our hot tub. We also keep bicycles and other items in the basement too. While the furnace is the size of a mini auto; our basement was always cold. Our property is sloped; on the west side at basement level and on the east side is our garage door No man door. As a matter of fact no rear door to our yard [on east side] at all. The garage was always cold; so cold the 1/4" polyethylene water line to our 1st floor refrig ice maker freezes up in Winter. With our new door from WalkThru we can access the back yard without having to open the whole garage door as we did in the past. In fact, we haven't opened the garage door in the past 5 weeks but we use the walkthru door every day. With an R-16 rated garage door the basement is warm and comfortable now. The hardware provided is good quality. The two windows are energy rated double glass. I waited several months to write this review till we had a few days down in the 30's F. Germain was patient with me changing the design several times. Also we added a 1-1/2" port so I could run a garden hose or extension cord out without opening the garage door or the man door. [this keeps mice and chipmunks out] Several friends were impressed with this idea. I got an expandable rubber plug from Amazon.

The door was packaged nicely and our installer had all the hardware that he needed. All in all, thanks to Germain, the quality of the product, we have full year round use of our basement.

I wanted to add a photo but this software wouldn't allow me. Germain has several pictures if you wish to see.

Robert B Foster




Germain did a great job walking us through all the considerations and options, and then worked directly with our carpenter to get the exact measurements. He was very flexible in the delivery schedule so I could line up the installer on the day of the delivery. It came as advertised and went up in 4 hours or so from start to finish. Super functional and great looking. Cannot say enough positive about it.

Steve and Minna of Milton, MA




I don’t normally write reviews but I think Walk Thru Garage Door deserves it for their professionalism and for a job well done.

We’ve been using our garage as our day to day access into our home. I was searching for ideas in the internet how to get in and out without opening the entire garage doors-must have a curb appeal, conserves energy and at the same time within my budget.
After months of searching, I found and emailed WalkThru Garage Door and I got a prompt response from Germain, the owner.
Germain sent me some design options, pictures and quotations. He patiently responded to all my questions and explains everything into detail, he’s very knowledgeable, creative and he even reminded me of Ontario Building Codes.

Overall experience with WalkThru garage was very positive. Germain and his brother Dan that installed the doors were professionals to deal with.
The doors were delivered and installed ahead of schedule. Dan and his crew Steven did a good job of installing the doors.
We made a right decision of choosing WalkThru Garage Doors, the doors looks AMAZING and functions as we needed, we are pleased with the outcome and getting compliments from our neighbours and friends.

To Gaudet's team - THANK YOU and GREAT JOB !!!!





Great customer service, a perfect fit and color match, easy installation. Some of the great things about doing business with WalkThru Garage Doors. The delivery process was easy and the door was delivered within the time frame promised. I had a wonderful overall experience.




Every fall I bring a lot of seasonal items into the garage . With my old garage door ,the mice would find their way in . With that big opening with the door open. Now with the Walkthru Door the opening Has a sill plate and is not this huge open entrance inviting every rodent in the garage every fall. The thought of giving up wall space for a man door was out of the question. this door solves that problem. It makes easy access to my backyard all year. My wife feeds the birds and keeps all her bird seed in the garage .So she fills her containers with seed and now goes thru the Walkthru Garage door to the backyard instead of halling all her containers of seed thru the house to the sliding glass door to go to the backyard . The build quality is A1 and the R value is higher than most walls. I love My Knew Walkthru Door. Wish II had it years ago.



After months of looking for a garage door in the USA, like WalkThur Doors has to offer, without success, I was fortunate to find the WalkThru Door company. The companies I spoke with in the state where I live told me it was not possible to have a residential garage door with a pedestrian door. After my research led me to WalkThru Doors in Canada I was in fear of not being able to get this product in the USA. I emailed Germain and he responded within 24 hours. I was so excited!!! Not only was his doors exactly what I wanted, he made it possible to get it way down in the south of the US to me. The customer service offered from Germain and his staff was the best I've ever experienced. They handled everything with customs and shipping. This was the smoothest transaction I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Germain and WalkThru Doors no matter where you live. They are willing to work with you anyway you need to meet your needs.




We had one these Walk Thru doors spec'd on a job, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about it. I've know there to be a lot of garage doors with issues, old and new, so the thought of cutting into one and adding more hardware and moving parts seemed like asking for trouble. That and the fact that it was shipped in from out of town.
My fears were unfounded. Right from ordering through to installation and even on to follow up service (on something we broke) there was not one issue.
The product is ingenious and very well put together, and they stand behind it. Would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my customers.




Just had a delightful conversation with Germaine, owner of the company. He was so respectful and educational. Other garage door companies that I talked to today snickered at me like I was a stupid woman for wanting a door in my garage door. I will definitely be purchasing from them when my garage conversion is finished.



I highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors. Germain explained every step in detail until I was comfortable with my knowledge of the process. He had direct communication with company who was doing the installation throughout and was easily accessible at all times to answer any questions. The door was completed and delivered in the time frame Germain gave me- even a little sooner than expected. The door looks fantastic and functions exactly as advertised!



I spoke directly with the owner on several occasions because I was nervous about ordering a product from Canada, and because it needed to be precisely manufactured to fit the exact garage opening. I was very happy with how accessible and responsive he was, and how accurate his shipping dates were. This transaction was a pleasurable experience from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone wanting a custom walk-through garage door.



The entire process from the initial request for a quote through to the finished project was done very well. My interactions with Germain and his team has been great. Very nice to work with, honest and accurate communications. There could have been many issues with an international shipment, but the team at WalkThru Garage Doors has worked hard on this process and they follow the shipment through each step until you get it installed at your location. Just a great team to work with and the product speaks for itself. It is well built and looks great. Well done!!



One is improper sizing.

But Germain Gaudet doesn't allow that to happen. He makes sure through numerous emails and picture exchanges about sizing and aesthetics that you get the right door for your installation.

The second way is shipping, which Germain has limited control when it comes to damage by the shipper.

This company is a great role model in the business world. If all companies were run this way, well, maybe it'd be too boring and we'd have nothing to complain about.

I could not be happier with my new walk-thru. My house was built with no room on the garage side for a conventional access door. This solution was spot on. The door and hardware are heavy duty and fit like a glove. Excellent insulation. The sealing strips that go around on the outside are tight and wind free.

All the five star comments here are well deserved. Buy with confidence.

Mike Buchanan
Richmond,VA USA



Was "walked through" the process of determining the final product with good advice. Walkthru delivered as per schedule. Install went smooth. It all fits and is clearly well made (good insulation too). You get what you pay for.
Now we don't need to open the garage door 5 times a day to let the dogs out, with all associated benefits (better temp. control of the garage, less wear & tear on the complete garage door system and motor etc.).



I have wanted a walk through door for years and after researching on the internet I found Walk Thru Garage Doors and Germain Gaudet who walked me through the entire process, answered every question promptly, and even reassured me when I had a difficult time finding an installer. Germain referred me to Richard J. Miller & Sons in NJ and the installation went very well. Germain and Christine made the entire purchase experience enjoyable and the product is exceptional!! I love my new garage doors and especially the walk thru man door. Thank you Germain and Christine for an exceptional buying experience and a first rate product!!



When I first saw a walk thru door it was in a movie on tv. Ever since then I wanted one. When we bought our first home that was the first thing we replaced! I looked on line and found this site and began the process. I had a window of 3 months to find it and have it installed before I had to return to work. Working with Mr. Germain @ the walk thru door company was a pleasure. We ran into a small hitch with the time frame of shipping but he came through like superman to the rescue! My door was delivered to the installers company not my home,just incase I was back to work and Mr. Germain followed through with his "I will do my best" promise and my door was here and installed the four days before I returned back to work. That man kept in touch with me by e-mail daily with any concerns I had or questions he answered me as if we were family. The door is a blessing and so is Mr. Germain and his company... Love my door and so don't my neighbors :)




I found Walk Thru Garage Doors on the internet and really lucked out! This company is fantastic. They are responsive, knowledgable and produce a wonderful product.

I was able to order my new garage door with a "man door" and also a doggy door. (Walk Thru helped me select the proper dog door from a company in Colorado and installed it with no problem. )The quality of the man door was "the best he has seen" according to my installer.
Altogether, the ordering, shipping and installation process turned out to be a breeze.

I would totally recommend Walk Thru Garage Doors to anyone with a requirement for this function in a residential application.
Laura Shannon, Owner



My mother moved into our inlaw suite in the lower half of our home, but we had no room to put a private enterance door beside the garage door that we had, than we found Walkthru doors Inc on line.I talked to Germain than we checked out the web site, decided on what door would suit our home, ordered the door, had the door installed without a problem and could not be happier with the Quality and workmanship of this door.
Great Job
Steve Grant



We are a residential general contractor in the Chicago area. On
a recent project we were presented with the challenge of replicating carriage-style garage doors on a coachhouse in a historical landmark district. Adding to this challenge was the fact that the first floor was to be a heated space and our client's request that one of the doors also serve as the entry to the space. We presented this situation to the team at WalkThru Garage Doors and they fabricated three doors that satisfied the Landmark Commission criteria of a wood exterior,
included a walk-thru door in one unit which made our client happy and provided us with doors that satisfied our insulation
and weather-sealing requirements. WalkThru Garage Doors completed their work for us on budget and ahead of schedule and in one project has earned a spot on our preferred vendor list.



There is nothing to say except that the product is great looking and great quality AND the customer service is even better!!! The garage door with the pass door for a residential home is must have....and Gaudet is the place to deal with!! THANK YOU GERMAIN! I definitely made the right decision by dealing with you!




When I was converting a garage bay into a studio, I scoured the internet looking for the "perfect" walkthru door.

As I live in snow country, where temperatures can drop to -15 F in the winter and climb to 85 F in the summer , I needed a door that would keep the interior warm and comfortable; not to hot and not to cold.

I also wanted a stylish, easily operable and understated door that would compliment my home and open as a garage door or as a walkthru. It also had to have windows to keep the cold in the winter and and heat out in the summer.

After much searching on the internet, phone and word-of-mouth, I found Germain Gaudet who owns Walkthru Garage Doos. Since I live in California and Walkthru is in Canada, we talked on the phone and e-mailed pictures back and forth until we had exactly the door I was looking for.

After a hot summer and a heavy Sierra Nevada winter (with temperatures in the minus degrees for over a 10 day stretch) I am pleased to report that I am VERY pleased with the performance and functionality of this door.

It offers such good insulation that I barely had to turn the heat on in the winter and was kept cool (without air conditioning) in the summer.

The self-installation was easy and only took a couple of hours.

Germain and the rest of the Walkthru Garage Door Team were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Every question was answered happily and in detail that I could understand. My door arrived on time exactly as Germain said it would.

If you're looking for a no-hassle, functional, attractive walkthru garage door to fit any need, you have found THE place to supply it!

Bob K.
Lake Tahoe, California


WalkThru Garage Doors Inc. 10 out of 10 based on 26 user reviews.

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