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We had a difficult residential roof repair job that some companies were reluctant to bid on. CLS Roofing put in a bid and won on cost. They handled the work very well, including coordinating a number of subcontractors and ensuring the work got done before the snow fell. Communications were excellent and we always knew where we were in the planning. We would recommend CLS for any residential roof work.



By:Joe Cecile

CLS Roofing made a very competitive estimate to replace my flat tar and gravel roof with a membrane covering. That included replacing existing skylight. Although removing the old tar and gravel made quite a mess around the base of the home, the new roof looks very well done.




I had improper ventilation in my attic, there was a lot of ice build up in the winter sometimes weighing down my eavestrough.
I had a few estimates, like most people. But I really felt that CLS knew their stuff. They knew what the problem was immediately and knew how to solve it.
They sent over very professional workers. I am very happy with the work and I would highly recommend CLS to anyone out there.




I live in a group of free hold condominiums, each with an upper and a lower flat roof. Because they're free holds, the board has no authority to impose roof repairs and because 8 houses share one flat roof, the challenge for all the years I've lived here (13) has been to find a way to allow one homeowner to replace their roof without damaging the roofs of the neighbours. When my roof started to leak in the late spring, I had no idea what I was going to do.

Fortunately, I found CLS roofing which is certified to install a sealing product which has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. It was the perfect solution as the installation did not interfere with the existing membrane which I share with seven other homes.

Chris and Brandon were very anxious for me to understand what I was getting. When I emailed them questions, they answered very promptly. They even took me to another customer's house to see the coating for myself. They did the work in just two days. I only encountered their team members for a few minutes but they were very professional.

I recommend CLS for a roofing solution that had eluded me and my neighbours in our free hold condominiums for more than a decade.




Many thanks to Brandon and the team at CLS Roofing for replacing the shingles on our house. After 15 years, the original shingles were in serious need of replacement. CLS Roofing, who by the way also provided sponsorship for my daughter's hockey team, provided the best quote and quality workmanship as well. I'd recommend them to anyone. Not only did they provide a great price and quality workmanship, but they support the community that they are part of. Thanks again. John



By:Don Sinnger

I lost some shingles ion our 2000 square foot two story single family home in a winter wind storm and was very concerned about leakage. I called CLS Roofing on a friend's recommendation and within 24 hours two great workers showed up, gave me an awesome quote and proceeded to do the work immediately. Great service plus and let's us sleep at night more comfortably. I will certainly look to CLS Roofing when I need a roof replacement or any more small jobs done. I will rate four of five stars just in case there is any wind damage to their repirs in future that I do not know about now! Do the same if you like quality service by very friendly and competent people!
Don Sinnger



By:K Peever

In March 2015 our Condominium Corporation hired CLS Roofing to replace four flat top building roofs on our property. This was a challenging contract due to the very poor condition of the roofs that were being replaced. In all phases of this job we found CLS Roofing to be professional, competent and well-experienced. Their crew members worked extremely hard and kept the job site clean and safe. We have not had one issue with our roofs since their replacement six months ago. Not only would we recommend CLS to others, we have since hired them back to complete another job on our property!


CLS Roofing Inc. 9.2 out of 10 based on 8 user reviews.
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