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Great experience with Roofmaster! This company is not like other roofers in Ottawa.

They are real tradespeople. They don’t employ subcontractors; their own employees do the work.
These guys are true craftsmen and deserve the same recognition as certified electricians. The job was done perfectly, they don’t cut corners and they cleaned up thoroughly.

Special thanks to Andre Charbonneau, our foreman; genuine master at his craft. He answered all my questions, provided me with solutions to areas with prior damage and inspected everything with a fine tooth comb.
He even provided me with extra 3 feet of ice and rain shield, updated my decorative trim and made most fixes without charging. He went above what was required in the contract for flashing and valleys.

I did my research, got multiple quotes, looked and reddit and google before contacted them.
I was not expecting such attention to detail from a roofing company. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism.
And shockingly they had a very competitive price for the best product on the market (CertainTeed). Dominic, our estimator worked with us to come to a reasonable price.

They even came to do the job early at my request. Highly recommend.



By:Jane Barton

Our roof is very high and steep and the 120 year old pine planking on the roof had to be covered in plywood in order to be shingled. One side we needed done is only accessible from our neighbour's driveway while the other side was mostly inaccessible and had to be worked on while hanging from a rope anchored in the roof above. Despite these challenges, the roofers expertly completed our job with skill and finesse. They were a friendly group of young men who respected our property and each other. It was a pleasure having them work at our home.



By:Truc H

It was impressive to see the efficiency of this crew of 5 doing my roof from A to Z in 2 days. It really shows that I was dealing with a Big company with lots of resources and equipments . They did a very good job. The new roof looks fantastic! Even my flower bed was protected with tarp. At the end, they made sure that the whole site was nice and clean.
Well done guys !




My roof lost a few shingles during the tornado we had this fall. Because there were so many other homes with far worse damage than mine I knew it would be difficult to get my roof repaired quickly. I didn't realize that because it is a 3 storey townhouse with a peaked roof that that would eliminate a lot of roofing companies who don't have the equipment to get up that high. I had already called more than 15 companies that either couldn't handle the height or were already fully booked. When I called RoofMaster I was prepared for another rejection. They were great! The person on the phone was so reassuring. I felt much better and within a few days, my roof was fixed. I am extremely grateful!




Roofmaster replaced two flat roofs for me. Their work is professional and their service is courteous. They managed the work site and cleaned up after themselves every day. The quality of their workmanship is second to none. I highly recommend Roofmaster, especially for flat roofs.




ROOFMASTER completed our roof over a 1 1/2 day period to our full satisfaction. We had an unfortunate surprise and had to replace all the plywood before new shingles could be replaced. The old 1964 plywood had moisture/rotten issues and thankfully Roofmaster jumped to the challenge of replacing within the expected time frame. We had Tony's crew and they were all top rating, courteous and most congenial to our needs. I am a clean freak and was astonished how meticulous the crew cleaned up ALL the debris. Excellent experience!

Bad news is we won't have to use this company for year's to come....the GOOD news is we will definitely use this company again when time comes as we highly recommend!




Have to have roof inspected for sale of house. Roofmaster responded the very next day and did a thorough preventive maintenance check (PMC). Found a few missing/loose shingles and a gooseneck (fixture on roof for bathroom exhaust) that needed to be replaced. Andre did a great job on the repair and replacement. He was very efficient and even replaced caulking around glass on two skylights as preventive measure. Very happy with work and quick response. Highly recommended.



Narrowed it down to a few Co’s and called for quotes, while not the lowest - Roofmaster had other factors to consider, for example:
- plenty of good reviews
- excellent BBB rating
- high quality materials in the quote
- use their own (fully trained and equipped) employees, instead of sub’ing the labour out...
So we agreed on a start date and gave them the job and a deposit.

Persistent bad (fall) weather caused the start date to slide a few times - during this period our roof started to leak. I called Roofmaster and explained what was happening and they came over, located the problem then tarred & tarped it for us (no extra charge).

By the time they were ready to start, it was quite cold - the guys had to shovel/scrape the roof off…

Once the old shingles were stripped, soft rotten plywood was exposed. The Foreman (Pascal) supplied lots of pictures as evidence and quoted us for a new layer.

This crew worked very hard - though some real nasty winter weather and did a great job from what I could tell.

Without a prompt from me, they returned in the spring to do another clean up and evaluation - impressive.

As the summer arrived (I climbed up for a closer look of my own), I was even more impressed!

I recommend this company to my friends and family now, they may not have the lowest price but as the sayings go: “you get what you pay for” - and - "buy cheap buy often"…




Recently had roof inspection and maintenance work done by your company. The response to our request was extremely quick and the job well done. Andre was very professional and friendly. We are very pleased with Roofmaster and would recommend this company to anyone.




I hired Roofmaster to replace my roof, changing it from tar and crushed stone to membrane . I am satisfied and happy of with the work that was done at my home. They were very polite, efficient and hardworking and kept everything clean. They did an amazing job! I highly recommend Roofmaster to anyone.



By:E. Munter

We discovered leakage from some place in the roof. André Charbonneau came the day we called Roofmaster and plugged the hole when it was not raining. But it rained again the next day, we called again and he promptly came back and took care of the real or additional hole while it was raining. André behaved very professionally.




I called with a emergency repair while it was raining and my roof was leaking and Andre from Roofmaster came the same morning and repaired the leak. Super fast and quality repairs. I cant thanks them enough.
Rob and Judy



Roofmaster responded quickly to my request, completed the repair work in addition to fixing a couple of extra things and were very pleasant to deal with.




Actually my roof start leak before I moved in, and the leak point was very hard to find because the house's ex-owner replace the whole roof shingle to avoid leak again but they did not solve the problem until Andre Charbonneau came over. He is an amazing expert and get the job done very quickly, and then he explains where the water come from and what he did to avoid the leak again. My wife and I were satisfied with the work, and for sure we would use their services in the future.




Very professional crew worked efficiently and got the job done fast. Impressed with clean up and how hard they worked. I would recommend this company to anyone needing roof work done..
thanks again!




Our roof was done today we are very pleased with the service we received the gentleman were friendly, professional and it was done fast no mess was left
We highly recommend anyone use this company



I received a detailed review of the condition of the roof on the house I had just bought, and was very pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't really need to do anything to it. Although the fellow could easily have given me a long list of things to do to it, he made it clear that even if it was his own roof, he would not be doing anything to it. Thanks RoofMaster (and not to mention, thanks for the excellent job you did on my old roof a couple of years ago. The team was organized, friendly and efficient.



By:Anna Cuylits

Yesterday I discovered that my five year old roof was leaking, so I contacted the installer and my home insurance, just in case costs needed to be claimed. Two employees came, checked under the roof, took photos, then assessed the situation on the roof. It was an ice-dam that they managed to break up. They
cleared a path to the edge of the roof to prevent further problems and took more photos. These employees, Paul and Dorian, were quick, informative, respectful and clean. It was a great relief that the leak was fixed
timely and under warrenty, but it was also a reminder that ice-dams can happen on relatively new roofs and this requires monitoring in the wintertime.



Skylight was built one month after agreed upon date on contract however no worries Andre is great!!
Mike H., Simpson Rd, Ottawa



Even in this heatwave, the interior temperature of this house is not increasing during the day. Because I do not have A/C -- and I don't even want to run a desktop or pole-mounted electric fan if I can avoid it -- the fact of remaining cooler improves comfort indoors without wasted energy.

In the evening the thermostat now displays the same number (today it was 78F) as I had observed in early morning.
NB: The furnace fan is set NOT to activate (i.e. to bring up cooler air from the basement) unless the temperature goes up over 80F. This is on a thermostat that is programmable but American-made, so the numbers are in 'oldspeak' i.e. not Celsius.

This result bodes well for this insulation being able to prevent heat transfer in the opposite direction during winter. I wanted this insulation badly due to many years of difficulty keeping the upstairs rooms warm, and draftiness during colder months. And the house appears to take longer to cool down as well. So far this fall (as of early October) I think the heat came on only once -- that night when it was 2 degrees C.

Which insulation (the reflective/foam-board put on by Roofmaster, or spray foam applied by O'Reilly) made the most difference is hard to determine and ultimately does not matter much. The important thing is that these two products are working together.
Spray foam went into the crawl space above upstairs ceiling, which is not accessible from indoors and thus best achieved when the shingles were taken off and access facilitated from outside by removing a few boards of the roof decking, which were then put back.
This joint effort by these two companies to cooperate on insulating this house is much appreciated.

Kudos to the foam-spraying man (whose name unfortunately I do not have), as well as to the two 'mountain goats' who placed the foam boards as well as the sheet metal. Foreman Mark Fonseca showed excellent skills and was very responsive to address questions and deal with issues.
One complication that emerged was that this 1950-vintage house isn't really 'square' so the slightly trapezoidal shape of the roof meant having to trim the last metal panel to be applied on a slight diagonal. Mr. Fonseca exercised care to get this straight, and the cut edge crimped down in place.
I also wanted to express appreciation particularly to the Roofmaster estimator Mr. David Garneys, who was unfailingly pleasant and helpful.
He did his utmost to help me choose the most suitable products and also the best colour choice of sheet metal to go with existing siding. He presented a range of insulation options of which I chose the thickest, wanting to get the greatest possible improvement.
Thanks for to all who did their jobs very well. The office personnel of both companies were also helpful and courteous.

Mary-Sue H.



Personable, Knowledgeable, Professional. Overall very satisfied with the service and product. Our roof looks great! Even the eaves troughs and downspouts are quite attractive. Glad we went with the rain-pro product! Roofers on site were very professional, courteous and kept the site extremely clean. They definitely exuded pride of work and company. Extremely happy that we went with Roofmaster for our new home!



Dear Roofmaster Ottawa,

Ernesto and crew just finished my roof on Fri, Sat. The job was above and beyond and I'm very impressed with the crew's hard work (does not cut corners) and perfect work. My neighbors already commented my roof is very nice over the weekend. Since last roof job last fall was troublesome, Ernesto and crew fixed all the bad roofing and replaced by excellent roofing. Team has great skill and being proud to be a Roofmaster's service men which is very important, specially they represent the company. thanks Ernesto and crew for completing my roof. now I'm worry free. Thanks, Junko K.


Roofmaster 9.8 out of 10 based on 24 user reviews.
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