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I would like to commend Brenlo on their superior customer services. During the rebuild of my home a Brenlo expert came on site, worked with my designer and builder and made sure we got a complete materials take off done for doors, trim, arched curves and paneling. Brenlo was able to deliver all this exactly as we needed it on the job, floor by floor when we were ready each time. Amazing.
When the job was all done, they even came and picked up all the material we had not used and returned it to their stock.
For a small premium in price and delivery charges overall, this kind of service more than makes up for the difference! Way to go Brenlo!




I didn't deal directly with Brenlo my interior designer suggested their mouldings for our home renovation. It was amazing the transformation of the spaces once the moulding went up. The rooms went from being "Under Construction" to finished polished spaces. I would highly recommend going with Brenlo over the big box stores like home depot or Rona. As was pointed out to me the quality difference is distinct.


Brenlo Custom Wood Mouldings & Doors 10 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.
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