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By:Kathy W.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how delighted we are with Ms. Simran. My daughter has connected with her so well and she's so lovely and patient.

I've never seen my daughter want to please someone so much like she wants to please her piano teacher. Ms. Simran truly has a gift for teachiing!

Thanks so much for pairing us up with her! She's an absolutely wonderful teacher !!

Kathy W. (JESSICA's mom)


By:Ms. Curtis

I just wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you and let you know how pleased we are with our children's teacher. He has been really wonderful with our three children and has connected nicely with them. His approach and teaching style has both challenged them to try to do their best as well as inspired them. I love to sit and listen to his interactions with my son – a nice role model. This has been such a positive and fun experience for my children. What a great musical foundation he has started to build for them!


By:Ms. Patti Sylvester

We have been with Mississauga Piano Studios (MPS) for several years, and have been extremely pleased with our experience. The teachers have been wonderful with our children and the quality of piano instruction has been terrific. It is evident that the teachers love what they do and want our children to learn to play the piano beautifully. In the event that we had to miss a lesson, our teacher was always understanding and flexible in re-scheduling. Our dealings with the Administrative team at MPS was equally as wonderful, always getting back to us in a timely, polite and professional manner. I would highly recommend Mississauga Piano Studios to other families.


By:Mr. Roshan D'Souza

I am writing this email to provide you with feedback on my daughter, Rachael. Trust me after she (started taking) her classes with Ms. Rowena, I can really see the change in her interest towards piano learning. She is excited to learn and now she also practices her piano on a regular basis.

I would like to give 100% credit to Ms. Rowena for putting her hard word and generating interest in Rachael to do her piano well. On having a one-to-one conversation with my daughter I was very happy to (receive) a positive feedback on Rowena and her teaching.

Ms Rowena: I really like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put forth.


Karyn is amazing! It is my pleasure to recommend MPS to anyone and everyone. My children LOVE their lessons and are looking forward to performing at the upcoming concert. Rose and Cheryl are always so sweet and pleasant to talk to :) Thank you MPS!!


By:Marque G.

My kids, my wife and I love Julia dearly! She is an amazing instructor, flexible, intuitive, professional, adaptable, pleasant to talk to and overall, a phenomenal influence on my kids. They are always excited to share parts of their lives with her everytime she comes in for a lesson. Her warmth and care she has for them and for music has kept them engaged, even on days when they didn't initially want a lesson (for whatever the reason).

Julia's passion for music is infectious - her skill, second to none and her voice is that of an angel!



Hope all going well with you. This is Raj and my daughter Asvathi is taking lessons from Ms. Sheila.

As a parent you wouldn't belive how happy that I am after I saw Asvathi's theory exam results last night. She received 99% which I couldn't believe even now. I just logged in again to confirm whether it's true or not. I really appreciate all your support and this shows how hard Sheila has worked with Asvathi.


By:Gowreka Ponnudurai

I have progressed tremendously since switching from my old piano school to Mississauga Piano Studios. I love learning here because I am gaining so many unique skills that my old school didn't teach.

I've learnt how to beautify a song, instead of just simply looking at notes and dynamics.

I love the fact that my teacher truly cares about my lesson time, and tirelessly works with me to improve my skills - which is very different from what I previously experienced at the other place.

I'm currently preparing for my level 8 RCM examination, and within the few months that I've joined MPS, I know that I'm definitely going to stay here until I attain my highest levels in piano!



Thank you so much. We have really enjoyed the experience with MPS. Our son improved a lot his piano skills and benefited from his professional & experienced teachers during the last 4 years. He is now preparing for level 5 RCM examination.

We will be reallocating to Newfoundland since my husband has been recruited as a family physician there. If at any time we change our plans and come back to Mississauga we will never hesitate to join MPS family again.


By:Naomi Upton

Your music school is great. My daughter has been singing ever since she learned to talk. On her fifth birthday we decided to enroll her in vocal classes since she loved to sing so much. She absolutely jumps at the chance to go to classes and loves to practice with her instructor.


By:Ron & Leslie

When my husband bought my son a drum set for his tenth birthday I thought "oh no" he’ll be making noise all day. After my husband signed him up for in home lessons I began to encourage him to play. It’s been 5 weeks and I already wish we had a boy band! He’s doing great. A huge thanks to your instructors.


By:Dottie Reynolds

Your guidance and expertise in music has allowed my granddaughter to pursue music as a minor at the University of Toronto. I remember when she first joined your studio lessons a few years and to see her growth and achievement since in the art of music has been unbelievable! Many thanks for your knowledge and guidance. I know she will be a great music teacher herself one day.


By:Cindy Baybel

Through listening to my child’s practice at home, I could hear how much of an improvement he made after attending the lessons. I’m not a music person, but to be able to hear him play with such passion almost brought tears to my eyes. The school has done a great job in inspiring my son to be passionate about music.



Thanks a lot to the director, Mrs. Fong. Thanks to the great work MPS is doing, on the administrative and teaching levels, Karim has found all the support he needs to achieve his RCM Examination mark of 87%.

Looking forward to future accomplishments with MPS.



I have been getting piano lessons from my instructor from MPS for a year. I love being at home and having my teacher come to me. It is so convenient and easy and I think I learn better this way. My instructor is sweet, cares about music, and is really good at it. I hope to be as good as her one day!


By:Sue R.

Encouragement and playfulness are what keep my children interested and Mississauga Piano Studios have more than provided this. Piano can be a tough instrument to play and I am so happy to see my kids succeeding.


By:Sue Carroll

Every week, my daughter looks forward to her Wednesday piano lesson. She has become very close to her instructor and has always looked up to her as a great role model. Watching my daughter play better and better each week has been worth every penny spent on lessons. I'm so happy we chose this music studio!

Mississauga Piano Studios 9.6 out of 10 based on 20 user reviews.
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