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By:Steve Charikar

I have been part of the Wynn Fitness club now for a couple of years and love the service and also it is so convenient for me as I can go there at lunch or before or after work. The staff are very professional and the club itself tries to do a great job of keeping the equipment current. They have made some upgrades and the machines are much better.

Overall I love the place and would recommend it.




Decent place. Better than the $10 dollar gyms because they have a steam room and shower (trust me, if you are really in for a workout, you will need those two amenities after). Signed up for personal training with Mital and was well worth it. This guy teaches you how to eat right and workout right as well. He actually loves what he does. And I have lost 20 lbs so far training with him. All in all I'd recommend the place. Just don't go there at around 5pm to 7pm as it tends to get crowded.




Really nice facility ... has a variety of cardio machines, enough so I was able to walk right on, free weights, machines, etc. ... all the staples of any fitness club. What set this club above the rest was how friendly and helpful the staff was. Mark was informative and knowledgable .. he put me at ease immediately (it is always awkward going to a new gym) and was always available if I had questions or needed assistance. I also liked how diverse the members were ... there was a variety of ages, body types and fitness levels ... another important factor to me ... no loud boisterous gym rats, just a bunch of people working on their own fitness goals. The location was great, plenty of places to park, professional and friendly staff, nice clientele .. a great fit for my fitness needs.




I have been with wynn fitness keele area for almost A year, I had enrolled myself with physical trainer. The fitness center is clean and has a modern equipment, I like the environment and conducive in working out.
My trainer is Mital , He helps me push to work hard to achieve my goals. He motivates me well and inspire me thru his life experiences. He is very professional and always on time. he maximizes every knowledge and skills that he has to help me get my goal. He gives us extra time and stay focus on one on one training just to pay attention on details to get the progress that we wanted.
So far, all experiences I had with the staff, physical trainers and management are exceptional. I am keeping my membership with the company for long term.

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The gym is well kept, and always clean. They layout makes sense based on the equipment offerings. There is a also a fantastic large studio for extra added room. I am a member of the Esplanade location as I work downtown, but I sometimes visit this location. I much prefer the Keele location. Staff is very friendly and there aren't a bunch of trainers walking around hogging machines and space.




The Wynn Fitness Keele location is a well-kept facility with great customer service. All machines work, the washrooms and showers are clean at all times and employees are very accommodating. I would recommend this location for individuals looking to have a great work-out facility in North York.




I have had such a great experience thus far. The gym staff are friendly and very helpful. The atmosphere is amazing. Place is very clean and professional.

I was unsure about getting a personal trainer and spending the money on it, however IT IS WORTH IT! My trainer Adam is incredible. Taught more than just working out, but eating right, pushing myself and so much more. I have been only at it for a couple of months but already i can see the results.

Keep it Up Wynn Fitness




Paula is probably the best with dealing with costumers and I have heard amazing things about her from the people attending the gym. She is a hard worker, kind, and also knows how to run things around here. A big thanks to Paulzzzz❤️




Gym is pretty good, staff are very friendly, Marcia is very friendly and so as the other staff.




I honestly feel in love, it so organize and neat. The staff is so chill and nice that you'll just automatically have a cool conversation with them. The environment is pretty big



By:Dale Bowerbank

I have been at this gym for the last three years and Maria contiunes to be one of the friendliest, and welcoming people there. She never fails to make sure everyone has all their questions answered, and always goes the extra mile to make sure our workouts go great. She's a great customer service representative at the gym and I am always happy to see her so it makes wynn fitness enjoyable.



The gym is just okay.

Machines are pretty old, often a few are broken. The women's washroom is pretty bland... dirty. I question the cleanliness of the whole place.

That being said...the price is good, and if your goal is to get a good work out and you don't mind the optics, this is your place. Staff are friendly, always greet you, and there's wifi to stream your music.

Honestly, I go here because it's affordable and close. I will renew for another year.



he's super nice and helpful. i ended up recommending 4 other friends to him.




I was introduced to Wynn fitness by Momo, really friendly guy who was up front about which membership was the best for my situation. Sad I'll only be here 4 months




My husband and I joined the Wynn Fitness Keele location last winter on a 4 week promotion. We were so impressed with the friendly service and the fact that it is a warm and friendly environment to work out in that we renewed our membership. I have been a member at a number of different gyms in Toronto and the GTA (Extreme, Goodlife) in the past and found the Wynn experience different. As someone that became quite out of shape and lacking motivation, the Wynn Keele location offered me a comfortable environment to get back into workout mode and feel comfortable to try machines that I had felt too intimidated to try at more pretentious gyms. The staff is incredibly friendly and the members are courteous as well. My husband and I unfortunately had to terminate our membership due to our move to the Newmarket area however if a location opens up near by it would be our first choice! Mark, Momo and Marcia we truly miss your friendly nature and your smiling faces. The three of you are an absolute joy - so kind, courteous and amazing at what you do. In short, the Wynn Fitness Keele location offers top notch service and a friendly environment to work out in. Michelle & Bert




I've joined Wynn Fitness a few months and absolutely love it!! I am currently working with the best personal trainer, Mohamed. Moe has taught me the importance of coupling clean eating with cardio and weights. He's my backbone at the gym, at times I want to give up but he's motivates me to make a better lifestyle choice. I'm grateful for his determination to see me do better, he goes above and beyond his job description. Thank you so much for being patient with me.

The customer service experience at this location is great. The staff's plight and accommodating. I strongly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to feel confident and live a healthy life. I've always been a procrastinator however, the best decision I've made this year is to join Wynn Fitness.

Thank you, Wynn Fitness!!





Two months ago I signed up with Wynn Fitness on Wilson and Keele. Not having much experience with working out at a gym I decided to hire a personal trainer to get me started. It was the best decision I have made! Jake, my personal trainer has set me on the right path. Not only did he show me how to use the machines in proper form, he is also helping me achieve my weight loss goal by designing the best workout routines to fit my needs. I see Jake on a weekly basis for a fantastic workout and encouragement. In the two months I am happy to say that I have lost 19 pounds!!! (NOT KIDDING! This is 100% true). Thank you Jake for your ongoing support!
There is no question hiring a professional to assist with a fitness goal, whether being weight loss or simply for endurance makes a huge difference and expedites the quick results!!!
For all single ladies, strongly recommend Jake as the personal trainer! He is easy on the eyes so makes working out even more motivating!!!! Best of luck. ;-)




Signed up for a pre-paid one year membership for $299 with Momo. He was very helpful in answering all of my questions and the process was very quick. My experience at Wynn has been positive so far. I'm very happy with my decision to choose this fitness club!




I only write reviews if it's worth writing plus I'm bored at home and got nothing better to do lol. Here are the PROS and CONS about Wynn Fitness located at Keele and Wilson.
- They play really good music, I was really surprised when they played old school euro trance, sets me in the mood. I just wish they can play it ALL THE TIME! loool

- They got all the machines, squat racks and free weights you can ever ask for.

- Smith machines can move in all directions and comes with a horizontal pull up bar! (Haven't seen anything like that at other gyms)

- Change room has a mid class vibe and is really satisfying.

- Steam room works and does the job well!

- Weekends are not busy.

- Lobby also has a mid class feel.

- Decent amount of eye candys.

- Free WI-FI connection, other gyms need to step their game up especially if they are charging $50+ a month.

- I signed up at the perfect time, they were offering $299 plus tax for 1 year. Thanks to Mark who signed me up, saved me a lot of money compare to other gyms where I was paying $50 plus tax per month for a 1 year contract. Which totals $565! That's almost double what I paid for here.

- Not 24/7 and weekends closes at 8 pm

- The washroom floors can get pretty wet due to poor design in where the water flows. They really need to reconstruct the floors but it's whatever.

- It's no biggy, but I kind of wish they sell protein shakes blended and everything.

- I haven't explore the lobby much but I believe there aren't any massage chairs in sight, correct me if I'm wrong.
In conclusion, I give this gym (Keele & Wilson) a 4.5 out of 5. I would of gave it 5 stars if they could do something about the cons. Regardless, I really recommend this gym to everyone.




I have had nothing but an amazing experience at Wynn Fitness Club on the Keele street location. I had the true pleasure of meeting Momo Mahmoud who assisted me in signing up for my membership back in April, when I had zero motivation to workout. He not only made me feel so welcomed but also ensured that every time that I came in that I was happy with the services that they provided. He is amazing at his job and deserves to be rewarded for his customer service skills- Thank you Momo! As previously mentioned, I was feeling very unmotivated in the beginning and once I met with Jun Armand ( Personal Trainer) I was instantly prepared to get my health back on track. Jun is an exceptional personal trainer. His knowledge is reassuring and his optimism is contagious- he made me feel confident and powerful, which was a feeling that I wasn't familiar with prior to working out. He truly assisted me with my unfortunate medical conditions and was committed to making me healthy again. Jun's love for what he does truly shines and should be recognized for his outstanding talent. Both of these individuals have truly changed my life and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Wynn fitness knows how to build relationships & treat their clients. They are committed to making you feel & look good. Thank you Wynn for all that you have done...I would recommend this fitness club to anyone.

- Chelsea Trudel



By:Stefan Rea

I just signed up for another year at Wynn Fitness and I could'nt be happier. Besides the machines and weights being plentiful, the staff is very nice and helpful; they have the "go above and beyond" attitude. Mark Kainth was the manager who signed me up this second time around. He was very cheerful, courteous and I felt very comfortable around him. He conducted himself in a very professional manner and this is a standard I hope to see more of in any type of customer service. Great gym!



I have been a member for several months now, and always find that the gym is clean and the staff are always professional. I am really happy with the equipment and find that training with Freddy has given me great results.



Starting at a new gym really seemed scary at first, but the staff at Wynn Fitness are so friendly and welcoming.
I originally signed up to have 3 months of personal training sessions with Freddy, but as I noticed how quickly I was starting to achieve my goals, I added an additional 3 months. He has really changed my life, and I am so grateful to have him as my trainer, he really makes me work hard but it truly shows! Thanks to Freddy I feel awesome and it really feels great when family and friends notice the difference. Without him I wouldn't have been able to achieve my fitness goals.




I have been a member at Wynn Fitness clubs for about 6 months now and I must say it's been the best experience thus far. The star are such an amazing support and positive reinforcement when trying to transition into healthier life choices. Especially personal training. I currently have retained a trainer for this purposes. To achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. I must say I made the right choice. My personal trainer, Freddy, has been training me for about 4 months and he's absolutely fantastic. Pushing me past my limits, motivating me, ongoing consistency with dieting and constant unbearable workouts that have done wonders. He's always been so supportive and readily available should I need any fitness advice. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! He's a genuine person and admirable because he cares for his clients. I am very grateful.

Since being with Wynn, I have felt more confident and more in shape. So much more positive. Wynn is definitely the facility to for physical training, for decompression and de-stressing. The facility is always so clean, equipment maintained, change rooms are always clean, and everyone even members are friendly!


Wynn Fitness Toronto West 9.4 out of 10 based on 33 user reviews.

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